Spending 200,000 euro in one year
should be the LIMIT!

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  16. Greedy rich are put under pressure by “Spending 200,000 euro in one year should be the LIMIT!”

-- October 25 2010 --

Not dead entities but living humans cause the misery in the world.

Microsoft had to pay an enormous sum of money for violating anti-monopoly laws.
Directors of Microsoft signed the orders and should be fined. 

Western armies are attacking civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Generals give the orders and should be called to account.  

Nike and Adidas should be paying too low wages for too long work.
WRONG. The directors of these multinationals are the culprits.  

Governments decide to lower the pensions of old people.
Ministers sign the laws that rob people of a well-earned comfortable old age. 

The government gave billions to the banks.
Directors of the FED proposed, Obama and his team endorsed and the directors of the banks pocketed all that money. 

The FED must be abolished because it takes wrong decisions.
The leaders of the FED take decisions that hurt common citizens. 

Banks pay their directors too high bonuses and too much money.
The CEO of a bank signs the cheques for the greedy bankers.  

Multinationals, factories, armies, governments, banks don’t do anything, it are dead entities.
Decisions are taken by powerful greedy humans who are very much alive.

Those people act in the wrong way, therefore they should be targeted.

It is not the system that is wrong, the fault lies fully with elitepeople who use the system (any system) to enrich themselves.
The greedy top acts fundamentally wrong. They want in the first place to fill their own pockets disregarding the plight of the vast majority of common citizens. (and they have made a system that makes it easier for them, to amass lots of money).
The arrows of dissatisfied and frustrated citizens should not be directed at dead entities. Any damage caused to buildings, institutions, installations, factories, army camps or government property will be repaired by money that in the end comes out of the pockets of common people.
The same is valid for all these efforts that want to change the system without changing the power and the mentality of those people who now use the system for there own benefit. 

I repeat the central question:
Why do these already very privileged people do what they are doing?
And I repeat once again the simple answer:


The solution is simple. Let we care for it that they cannot use their ill gotten money. Then leaders will not anymore be dominated by money but by the idea that all people should have the same status – in the first place a decent life.  


Joost van Steenis (downwithelite@gmail.com)

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