Spending 200,000 euro in one year
should be the LIMIT!

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  17. Humanity will jump when “Spending 200.000 euro in one year becomes the LIMIT!

-- November 21 2010 --

The gradual way to improve life of all people is failing.

When in the next fifty years improvements remain slow and gradual, millions of kids will still die before they are five years old. Other misery as hunger, poverty or wars will continue to exist.
A big change, a sudden jump in the development of humanity is needed.

Jumps are highlights that make life worthwhile. They are necessary to reach higher planes that cannot be achieved on a slow and gradual way. 

Revolutions are political examples of jumps.
The idea that another world is possible was implanted in the Chinese minds during the Revolution. It is an important reason why Chinese society is advancing much faster that the Indian one where no jumps occurred.

Inventions and new ideas can also cause jumps. Electricity, aeroplanes or internet became in a few years common items that changed life.
On a small scale, birth and death, marriage and divorce, getting diplomas or emigrating to other countries suddenly change life in an unexpected way.
Life may not be better but is certainly different. 

Jumps are often caused by the efforts of a single human. In science Copernicus is a striking and splendid example how a relatively small contribution (the earth is turning around the sun instead of the sun turning around the earth) has had a deep impact.
But new inventions and ideas do not fall from the sky. Einstein could not have developed his Theory of Relativity in the time of Copernicus. Many people contributed to the development to reach the jumping point by working out existing ideas, increasing general knowledge and wondering what should be possible. When the situation was ripe Einstein gave the last contribution that caused a jump in science.  

“The flapping of the wings of a butterfly over Brazil can cause a hurricane over Mexico” is one of the basic ideas of the Theory of Chaos.
You cannot predict when a jump takes place and what happens after a jump. But many small efforts of many humans can improve the conditions for the opening up of the road towards a new, unseen and advanced world.

The French mathematician René Thom invented the Theory of Catastrophes in which jumps and the conditions that can lead to a jump play a crucial role.Especially in our chaotic world jumps can be brought about.
One of the most important conditions that holds the present world together is the existence of an elite of privileged people. When this binding force is weakened jumps become possible. That was proven by the Russian and Chinese Revolutions that took place in a time when the binding force of the elite was weakened by World Wars.

Also in more peaceful times The People can undermine the binding power of the elite to bring a jump closer. One of the means is the implementation of the idea that “Spending 200.000 euro in one year is the Limit!”. When the idea that money rules the world withers away because the elite cannot spend its surplus money, new chances on a sudden fundamental change will arise.
When the reason to be active is not anymore the acquiring of as much money as you can, when human values are starting to get the upper hand, the world will be at the brink of a jump.

New possibilities will arise and misery will disappear because greed and misery are two sides of the same situation. Greed of the Few causes the misery of the Many.  

WE can break down the possibility that the elite uses our money for its own benefit. Then suddenly the happiness of all people will become the driving force to advance humanity. 


Joost van Steenis (downwithelite@gmail.com)

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