Spending 200,000 euro in one year
should be the LIMIT!

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  18. Growing acceptance of spending 200,000 euro in one year is the LIMIT!

-- December 20 2010 --

The idea of a spending limit of 200,000 euro is in the first place a guidance for action.

It is not right to say that the rule should be implemented. Implementation is done by governments or other institutions not by The People.
Implementation of a credit card with a maximum of 200,000 euro demands an  controlling apparatus and leads to more bureaucracy and corruption.
New rules do not make the world better. The crisis showed that any rule can be changed by the same people who implemented the old ones. The People have no influence on these decisions. New fundamental ideas are needed. 

The new idea becomes accepted when The People prevent that the tiny group greedy grabbers that can spend more than 200,000 euro in one year can use their surplus money.  

In the present situation the activity of The People is restricted by boundaries set by people who are hardly influenced by elections.
It is even worse as one of my contacts wrote:  “By elections you are asked to choose sides in false conflicts. We are given the illusion of choice but as long as those in power do not lose their control, the choice we made only influences our life and not the life of the people in power”. 

I propose to block the possibilities of the very rich to spend their surplus money. Their private living sphere will also be disturbed and the idea will grow that money is not the ultimate driving force, the ultimate goal of life. People will start to accept the “Spending Limit” with the background idea that we may get another world.

One of the advantages of my idea is that small people can become active on the time, the place, the method and the subject they want.
The spending limit only touches people in power and actions will not disturb the life of common citizens. Only the Happy Few are targeted. The sale of petrol, the use of public transport, the possibilities to buy the first amenities of life etceteras, must not be disturbed.  

Most current actions influence only the life of common people.
I applaud that so many people actively support Wikileaks. But actions around Wikileaks touched only the financial system while the opponents directly targeted the private life of the initiator of Wikileaks.
In Nigeria more than seventy percent of the population live below the poverty line in spite of the billions earned in the oil industry. Sometimes the Nigerian government is accused but the top of Shell continues to live its luxurious life while Shell has a vice-like grip on the country’s oil wealth. Shell and the government of Nigeria are two sides of the same coin. 

Whatever action should be undertaken, it should always be directed at top people and hardly touch common people. 

There will be unexpected partial results but real change only occurs when the right situation is created by the activity of many people as I described in my last letter about jumps in society. http://members.chello.nl/jsteenis/200,00017..htm. Jumps are an important part of my proposal. An athlete can train a lot to become better. But he will never know when he will break the world record. Only when all conditions are right, the record will arrive. We can make the right conditions to enter a new phase in the development of mankind.  

A New Humane World will not be created overnight, it demands active common people. Actions connected to the Spending Limit will give unexpected results in the present time. The idea is a guideline for people where, how and who to put under pressure. It brings the chance for a fundamental change closer. Attackers and attacked change because the dominating position of money starts to disappear when it becomes inconvenient to have too much money. When you cannot spend money anymore why should you strive to get more.

That can never be achieved when people let themselves be represented by other people who are under the decisive influence of the elite that is neither bothered by elections, nor by common people.  
When all energy of common people put into elections or in actions against dead buildings and institutions is used in actions against powerful people, change is around the corner. That is still an illusion. I propose different actions that give better results than past actions of which results can be turned around by powerful people. 

When you are dreaming of a New World, do not let reality disturb your dreams. Try to influence reality and refrain from doing anything that does not bring your dreams closer.
That is not easy because you have many dreams that are sometimes conflicting. But let your dreams decide what must be done. And do think sometimes about that New Humane World in which even dreams will be realised that can hardly be dreamed of in the present world.

Joost van Steenis (downwithelite@gmail.com)

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