Spending 200,000 euro in one year
should be the LIMIT!

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  2. AL Capone and 200,000 euro a year is the LIMIT!

-- February 18 2010 --

Al Capone killed many people and amassed a lot of money in illegal ways. He was accepted by people who also had lots of money. But in the end the money caused his downfall, he was put in prison because of tax evasions. The already rich know how to remove people from their tables by using the ultimate weapon money!

The reason for crime is always that illegal entrepreneurs want to enjoy the loot.
Just as criminals greedy legal entrepreneurs have a business to profit personally. To solve this situation, do not attack (illegal) businesses but make extravagant personal spending impossible.

People who want change never talk about why leading people do what they do to get money. That is the only point where they can be attacked. The mentality changes when it is not anymore possible to use lots of money for the own pleasure. We can care for it that the 200,000 plus club cannot use their money anymore.

Only to increase their own income bank directors give loans and mortgages to people, though they know the money will never be repaid,. Why do we have hedge funds, equity funds, futures, options, speculation in commodities, manipulation in valuta, even a stock exchange? Because it is good for people who earn their money in this part of the economy. We can do without this part where people are earning money by speculating without any risk for their own life. Their houses are never repossessed.

The top and the criminals stop speculating, manipulating, embezzling or deceiving other people when they cannot spend their excessive money anymore. Then they will close the stock exchange, they will not look for financial escape routes via small islands where their shady manoeuvres are never controlled.

Everything that is driven by the idea to get still more money will be seen on a different way and many things will change or disappear.
Big crime, auctioning objects worth a million or more, big corruption, the world of gambling, the fraudulent real estate sector, the luxury industry, having a private serving staff, exclusive clubs, the advertisement world, sponsoring, copyright, even the music and sports world.

We can demolish the reason why a few people get lots of money by caring that extravagant, exclusive and expensive products will not be produced anymore. When the reason why some people get too much money falls away, the new society will be based on human values, wishes and ideas and will not anymore be dictated by money.
200,000 euro a year is the limit!

Joost van Steenis (downwithelite@gmail.com)

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