Spending 200,000 euro in one year
should be the LIMIT!

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  20. The New Culture of Resistance brings a New Humane World.

-- January 24 2011 --

The New Culture of Resistance brings a New Humane World.

During the last World War the idea grew that a new world was possible but after a few decades this hope faded away. The successes of the numerous mass protests were meagre and a better world seemed more remote than ever before. 
Actions against colonial wars in Algeria and Vietnam helped to bring independence but the colonies got their own selfish and greedy leaders and wars continued in other countries.
Actions in 1968 in France (in The Netherlands the Provo-movement) changed for some time the attitude of leaders but after a few years the elite regained control and the power to amass money became even greater than before.
The squatter’s movement gave thousands of young people a payable living place but squatting became outlawed and the problem how young people could live independently was not solved.
The anti-WTO demonstrations of ten years ago were massive but the undisturbed leaders of the WTO just went on.
People began to understand that such protests achieve nothing but action leaders only allow actions that ask and not force the powerful to listen.

The Old Culture of Protest has to be replaced by the New Culture of Resistance.

Elites ruled, rule and continue to rule the world when The People do not use new methods of resistance.
Even a superficial analysis of society reveals that through the ages greedy rich people ruled the world. Whatever happened – natural catastrophes, revolutions, uprisings, wars, technical inventions etceteras – elites continued to rule, revitalised by new members who accepted the existing rules in the top layers of society.
The motivation of this group is the wish to have more money than people down under.
Money rules the world!

In the old culture of protest money was never an item in actions. The system should change but new systems produced new greedy leaders.
Colonies disappeared but leaders resembled more and more the old colonial rulers.
Communism vanished but old leaders remained on top and formed a common front with the former enemy.
The French or the American Revolution gave new impulses to society but a small group of rich and greedy leaders still cared in the first place for their own well-being. 

We need a New Culture of Resistance directed against the dictatorial role of money and the people who amass money for their own benefit. All other problems are determined by this dominating item.  

Participation in actions, the number of strikes and interest in elections is dwindling. Even the crisis did not stimulate The People. They grumbled, became more dissatisfied but remained at home. Rich leaders who caused the crisis maintain their lucrative positions. Without any pressure from below they continue to reap the fruits of their financial manipulations.
The old protest movements tried to improve the present world but disregarded that the strongest motivating force is hope on fundamental change. Temporary successes without a far off goal are not sufficient to secure the lasting participation of The People. The New Culture of Resistance will inspire to great deeds.

Money, power and persons who have power and money are ruling the world. When the reason for greed and money-hunger is not taken away all actions remain in vain. The reason is that the greedy want to spend their money!

Actions should concentrate on making it problematic to spend money on goods and services that only can be bought by people who can “Spend more than 200,000 euro in one year.”
Change will come when it becomes impossible for anyone at the top to use their ill-gotten money.
When the dominating role of money reduces, we will see the green pastures that lay outside the walls that surround our wretched world and humanity will reach out to new horizons.

Joost van Steenis (downwithelite@gmail.com)

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