Spending 200,000 euro in one year
should be the LIMIT!

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  22. Tunisia: The murderers are still in function

-- March 9 2011 --

”In Tunisia the murderers are still in function” said a Tunisian citizen.

Leaders who were connected to the ousted presidents are still on top. In Libya a Justice Minister who just left the Gaddafi regime is a prominent member of the National Libyan Council that wants to replace the Gaddafi regime.
With such people you never get a New Humane Society in which all people have the same status.
The People want to end misery and subordination. By accepting leaders who supported the old regime inequality is not corrected. Subordination, misery, poverty, no future etc. will reappear in a few years.

The reason to revolt was clear, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!
After ten, twenty or thirty years of suppression, subordination and misery The People stood up. But mass demonstrations, even when they last for several months, are not enough to get another society. Old leaders remain in function and new leaders are so infected by the old situation that political motives will dominate and not a better life and freedom for the masses.
Again The People will have nothing to say about what happens at the top.

Only by putting pressure on the private life of leaders their mentality will change. The greed for money (and power) has to be replaced by the idea that people come in first place, that all people have the same status.

In demonstrations the mostly obscure political organisations were hardly supported by The People. The People are not communist, fundamentalist, rightist, leftist, fascist, socialist, democratic or whatsoever. They are dissatisfied because they don’t have freedom nor a pleasant life and their children will also not have freedom or a pleasant life when nothing changes. They have no future. But when Movements are captured by political leaders enthusiasm dries up and the Movement fades away. Movements do not need leaders.

Political leaders say that society is too complicated and The People do not have enough education. But TV and internet show how leaders live. They can compare their subordination and misery with the freedom and affluence at the top. The unimaginable wealth, the corruption, the privileges, the bonuses, the fraud and deceit …. ……They do not need leaders but they need new ideas how to oust any greedy grabber.

Political leaders propose some improvements but life remains miserable. Most political leaders live abroad or are integrated in the current system. They want to continue their comfortable life and are not in touch with the people who live in subordinated misery.

All people connected to the old ruling class, in the top of the government, the army, the police, the banks or the big industry have a life that differs very much from the life of The People. Because they work harder and know more? No, because they have the power to bend the stream of money in their direction. Top people are not honest, they are selfish greedy grabbers. What happens to The People is not important.

Some old leaders have disappeared but demonstrations go on because the also corrupt group under the ousted leaders is still on top.
But demonstrations on big squares are not enough. It is necessary to intrude into the nice neighbourhoods of the leading class. Once there was a demonstration in front of the house of the Tunisian prime-minister and indeed he left his post. Twenty or more years he supported the abject regime that subordinated and tortured. Still he is not imprisoned because of crimes against humanity. All people on higher places are involved. They profited, the People could live in subordination and misery.

Down with any elite!

Why is the elite doing what they are doing?
To get more money than anyone else.
Two methods can eradicate crime, corruption, greed and the consequences as subordination and misery.
The top-down method puts the wrongdoers in prison and takes all their money away. That will not happen because the top is infected by the money-virus.
The down-top method can be used by The People.
Just prevent that the elite can use their ill-gotten money.
All actions should be guided by the slogan “Spending 200,000 euro in one year should be the limit!”

Demonstrations are not the right way to a Humane Society.
When the National Libyan Council is headed by a former Justice Minister who has been involved in suppression and torture nobody can expect that happiness is around the corner.
Be autonomous, Remove any greedy grabbing leader!
Invade the eliteworld!

Joost van Steenis

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