Spending 200,000 euro in one year
should be the LIMIT!

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  23. Not left, not right but …… autonomous

-- March 26 2011 --

Not left, not right but …… autonomous

Most revolting people In Tunisia and Egypt were only dissatisfied with their life and with society. Leftists, rightist or fundamentalists were a minority. But when The People are not anymore on the street, political groups fill the vacuum and political leaders acquire powerful positions. The People again become secondary citizens.

Politics is a game played by people with power and people who want to have power. In our society power means money. Our world is controlled by money, not by the idea that all people have the same status.

Left and right are words that belong to politics.
Leftist citizens try to improve the situation of the poorest part of the population. Rightist citizens try to defend their own (subordinated) position by blocking the way up for other citizens who mostly come from other countries. But some rightist politicians suddenly give The People more freedom while some leftist politicians are racists. Just how the wind blows means for them, just how the wind blows money and power in their direction.

Common citizens may vote, they may be a member of a political party, they may be rightist or leftist, it is of no importance. Elections are a game that gives The People only the illusion to have some influence.
Problems of common citizens can only be solved in a New Humane World that is not dominated by privileged people who think in the first place of their own comfortable situation.

Problems that cannot be solved in the present society do not interest me.
I do not want to be a spectator or a participant in this democratic circus. Everything is ordered and decided in places where common citizens are not welcome.
Therefore I am not left nor right.
I am autonomous.

To get a new society in which many problems can be solved we must get rid of the persons who cause these problems. Rich greedy grabbers think of their own life and wallet. They promote problems to set the leftist part of the masses against the rightist part. Because when two dogs fight for a bone the third dog runs away with it.
In a new society differences between groups of citizens will be solved in a different way. There is not anymore a third dog that profits most from these contradictions. There will be enough bones for everyone and the need to fight for more bones than you can eat has disappeared.
The first task is therefore to remove all greedy grabbers from their powerful and lucrative positions. Then we can solve the current human problems. When money is replaced by the idea that all people have the same status most existing problems will disappear as snow disappears when the sun comes up.

Elitepersons acknowledge that they only can continue to rule when The People fight each other. In Egypt and Tunisia some results were achieved because the masses were united. Alas political powers took the lead and the positive results will only be temporal. Political leaders prevent that people solve the biggest problem, the dominant role of money and privileged persons.

The New Culture of Resistance aims to put pressure on the (private life of) leaders who use the political game to deceive citizens. The goals in the struggle for a new world originate not in the political world but in that part of society where the greedy spend the fruits of their surplus of power. To have more than anyone else is the cause of most human problems. The People must prevent that the grabbers use their surplus money for their own benefit. “Spending 200,000 euro in one year should be the limit!”.
The implementation of this idea makes it impossible for the greedy to use their money for goods, services and places that are only reserved for this tiny group.

When excessive money cannot be spent anymore the road opens for other ideas to inspire society as the idea that all people should have the same status.
How the new future society will be organised is the task of citizens who live in the future society. Our task is to open the way to that society and to dream of a fundamentally different world in which living people take first place and not dead money.

Down with any elite!

Joost van Steenis (downwithelite@gmail.com)

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