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  24. Everything turns around money

-- April 12 2011 --

Attack the root of all misery greedy people with money.

I do not understand all these articles about politicians who take presumably wrong decisions. They only apply the basic rules on which our society is built. They never take decisions in contradiction with the dominating wish of the elite to have more (money) than anyone else. They talked a long time about a possible shutdown that should leave hundreds of thousands of civil servants without an income. The decision to save the corrupt and greedy bankers was made in a jiffy.

Germany is not bombing Libya but sends more troops to Afghanistan. What is the difference? The invasion is caused by the wish of oil barons to get more oil or better said more money for the already privileged.

There is a discussion about animal rights but slaughtering animals is never animal friendly (I am not vegetarian). The owners of the meat industry want us to eat meat to fill their pockets. The Animal Rights groups only achieve that animals live more animal-friendly but they are still killed.
The bombing of Libya is called human-friendly. Only humans who have been forced in military service will be killed.

Killing is never friendly.

Maybe you want to eat meat, maybe you applaud the intervention in Libya, Afghanistan or Iraq, maybe you are opposed to these decisions. It does not matter. When you do not belong to the top, you have no influence on decisions based on the need of the elite for still more money. 

You may think that the world is wretched (I agree with that) but voting or blowing up the WTC does not change anything. The foundations of our society remain untouched, all decisions are based on the need of a few for more money. 

Actions of masspeople for different decisions do not change much. Some citizens are spared but elsewhere more common citizens are killed or remain in a miserable situation. The elite continues its life in the safe, secluded and comfortable eliteworld. It uses and inspires wars between masspeople to maintain the dominating rule to have more than any other living being.  

The masses are surrounded by a wall erected by the elite to protect its privileged position. You may fight inside the walls that surround us but you are never allowed to attack the walls to go to the beautiful pastures outside these walls. 

Politicians regulate the fighting inside the walls. By joining a political party you will not disturb the elite. Everything remains determined by the foundations on which our society is built, not on the well-being of humans but on money and on the well-being of already privileged persons. 

You may strike for a few cents more.
You may complain about the misery in our world.
You may prove that politicians are corrupt.
You may participate in demonstrations.
You may vote or refuse to vote.

It does not change anything.

The principles of the powerful elite are not changed and the misery of non-elite people continues. 

You may enjoy football but the players you like play next year for still more money in other clubs.
You may be terrified by crime but big crime is one of the pillars of the power of the elite and thus continues to exist. Billions of drug money are whitewashed by banks with the consent of the elite.
You may be terrified that the poor masses come to our world but as long as the West imports raw materials for low prices and support dictators over there, the poor will continue to come.  

Everything turns around money.

TV, sport, bonuses, corruption, gambling, rising prices, advertisement industry, overproduction, financial crisis, it is not for the benefit of The People but for making money.
The elite is always in the centre. In the eliteworld everything turns around money you do not talk about it but you possess it.

The money virus has also penetrated the massworld. When we do not destroy this virus misery continues to exist.
For real change we must put pressure on elitepeople who maintain this domination.

Do me a pleasure, point your arrows at the real culprits. And by arrows I do not mean words but an invasion in the eliteworld to make life in that world impossible. When the powerful greedy rich cannot anymore live their privileged life they will take different decisions.

Down with any elite!

Joost van Steenis (downwithelite@gmail.com)

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