Spending 200,000 euro in one year
should be the LIMIT!

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  28. Creative Disturbance, the New Culture of Resistance

-- October 8 2011 --

The Old Culture of Protest aims to improve the present world.
The New Culture of Resistance aims to create a New Humane World.

Dictators remain too long in power, incapable leaders do not disappear, some new leaders come forward but most old ones remain and change is minimal. After a few years you hardly can distinguish new leaders from their predecessors.
Everything is in first place decided in favour of the people around the top. By invading the eliteworld The People can make life up there less comfortable, less privileged, more as the life of common citizens.
Then the world will change.

The New Culture of Resistance includes an invasion of the eliteworld by creatively disturbing the possibility that powerful greedy grabbers use their ill-gotten money. Creative actions are inspired by the slogan “Spending 200,000 euro in one year should be the limit!”
Successes boost the belief in People’s Power
and change the mentality of greedy grabbers who realise that their power is dwindling and that living humans are more important than dead money.

Use your imagination.

Don’t expect that leaders of political organisations tell you what to do. How sympathetic they might seem, they do not transgress the borders set by the idea that money, power and greed determines what happens in the world.
Common citizens remain secondary subjects.
Think how
YOU creatively can disturb the living conditions of the greedy rich. A new kind of society demands creative, independent, individual and autonomous people without greedy leaders.

The present order must be disturbed, or more accurate the living sphere of
 privileged greedy people who regulate the wretched world for their own benefit. In the Old Culture of Protest leaders were asked to listen, the New Culture of Resistance citizens forces leaders to listen or to be disturbed. 

Actions will be fun
when targets become uncertain and stressed, when some greedy bow to the wishes of The People to escape the pressure. 

The old actions for small improvements are superfluous. Time and again is proven that temporary successes can be turned around by powerful people. The financial and economic crisis showed that the interest of greedy rich is more important than the life of The People.

Still ten million children die each year before they are five years old.

The bright future of a New Humane World is the guide in all actions and frees new energy. It provides the imagination and the inspiration for a fundamental change. The old protest actions for small improvements have lost their appeal and have promoted the depressing thought that nothing ever will change.

The New Culture of Resistance demands new action methods, action goals and easy targets.

Even a superficial analysis shows that a small group of greedy rich people has usurped a big part of all resources. This elite combines the past (when they got power), the present (when they amass still more money) and the future (when they transfer power and money to the next generation).
The People live only in the present without past or future. 

After World War II people thought change was possible but enthusiasm faded away. In 1977 the Sex Pistols sang ”When there is no future how can there be sin, we are the flowers in the dustbin”. The “no-future generation” had no big purposes in life. The future was limited by the boundaries drawn by the powerful greedy rich.
This human world resembles the animal world in which animals search every day for sufficient food and safe shelter. They don’t think about the future.
But humans must include elements of the future in their present life.

When the small group of the Happy Few cannot use anymore a big part of the resources these means come available for The People. The People can achieve that by creative actions, inspired by the slogan “Spending 200,000 euro in one year should be the limit!”
Creative actions for a better future result in small improvements of the present world so activists see they are not fighting windmills. But more inspiring is when powerful persons change their attitude because they cannot cope with the pressure from below.
When the powerful lose some of their power the first step on the road towards a New Humane World is taken.

The “200,000 plus people”, the elite, rule all countries in the world. They think to be special because they have power and more money than anyone else. They reject that all people should have the same status. The People can change that mentality by putting direct pressure on the living sphere of leading people. That is the idea behind my proposal that “spending 200,000 euro in one year should be the limit”.
Seen all misery in the world nobody has the moral right to spend so much money.

Joost van Steenis (downwithelite@gmail.com)

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