Spending 200,000 euro in one year
should be the LIMIT!

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 3. Consequences of 200,000 euro a year is the LIMIT!

-- March 20 2010 --

In The Netherlands only 30.000 people on a population of 16.500 000 get more than 200,000 euro a year. This small group gets at least 10 percent of all money that is paid out.
Prices go down when nobody can spend more than 200,000 euro a year.
When products, which are exclusively used by the tiny top, are not made anymore the environment will benefit. But a spending limit has bigger effects.

Why are people indulging in more or less criminal activities?
Because they want to get as much money as possible.

Do you think that drug bosses produce drugs because they think people want to become addicted?
Do you think that leaders of the tobacco-industry produce more cigarettes because they think smoking cigarettes is good for you?
Do you think that people who sell sub-prime mortgages for homes that will be repossessed after a few months think they help people to live decently?
Do you think that Microsoft uses its monopoly because then people get better computer programs?
Do you think that bank directors give loans to help needy people?
Do you think that lawyers defending drug barons want to uphold the law?
Do you think that a physician becomes a heart surgeon because he wants to help people with heart problems?
Do you think that industry leaders increase their production because they think more people want to use their products?
Do you think that leaders in the advertisement industry promote unimportant products because they think people will become happier?

The only reason is the growth of their own income.
When this income is capped they have to consider if people want their products, if it is nicer to be a local doctor or a surgeon, if it is not better for humanity to make less cigarettes, if it is not better for lawyers to help poor people who are attacked by house sharks than to defend mass murderers, kidnappers, ponzi-schemers or drug barons.

In the end the importance of people will reign over the importance of more money for already well-off people.
200,000 euro a year is the LIMIT!

Joost van Steenis (downwithelite@gmail.com)

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