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We must take the power and the money away from the 1%


Developing the Fourth People's Power

Joost van Steenis
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1. Protests don’t help, the 1% continue to live extravagantly.



Protests in rich Western countries are small because many people know that it does not help. The wars in the Ukraine, Iraq, Syria, Palestine etc. just continue. The only victims are people who belong to the 99%, the killers also belong to the 99%. The 1% continue to earn money without being directly involved in the fights. In secret back rooms they arrange fightings between parts of the 99%
Even when the 1% hear about protests, they will not listen because they have a higher goal: more money!
Why should the 1% listen to the 99% when protests have no influence on their private life? Why should they listen to people they hardly know, see as inferior and as people who do not understand what is happening?

All protests are in town centres in front of buildings where some 1% may be working. But only the 99% are damaged by the actions. In our countries it means arrests, injuries and lower income, in war countries it means the death of many of them and destruction at random of living places of the 99%. In wars only the 99% die, the 1% wait undisturbed till the war is over and take power again.

Leaders of both sides have often the same goal: getting power to enrich themselves, what happens to the 99% is unimportant, their own life stands central.
The 99% want change but as long as there are no real effective actions they will not participate. Even when they know that the policy is wrong they continue to support the political leaders. They do not see an alternative and in the last fifty years of action they have not seen any real change. Why should they participate?

When again an unarmed black is shot down by the American police the only action is again a small protest. Did past protests help? No, killing of unarmed blacks continues. Why should you participate in protests when it does not help?
That can be said of all protests, they only hurt the protesters and not the leaders, the 1%, who do not want any change.
We need a completely new kind of actions that influence the private life of the 1%. Politicians have often learned to cope with some pressure, the 1% live apart in a different world where they are not influenced at all by what the 99% do.
We need change!

I have given many ideas for a different kind of actions directed against the real culprits, the 1%, in my books. My latest book is “How to make Revolution, developing a Fourth People’s Power”. The book can be downloaded for free from my site “Down with any elite”

Joost van Steenis (7-9-2014)

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