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We must take the power and the money away from the 1%


Developing the Fourth People's Power

Joost van Steenis
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10. The World economy only really improves when the extravagant income of the 1% is minimised


We must put pressure on the 1% to make it impossible they can buy goods and services that never can be bought by common citizens. Too expensive cars, boats, art objects, jewellery, holiday places, too big mansions, too many servants etc. can become easy targets.
Then the 1% react and we see the start of a change in society in which not the 1% and money rules but the idea that all people have the same status.

Now the 1% live quietly and extravagant while the 99% have to work hard to get an income that is often too low.
Now only the 99% can become workless, the 1% rules and will never become workless.

Even in rich countries ten to twenty percent of the kids live in difficulties, not having enough money to buy what is necessary for a nice life, not getting enough education, or nice games to play. The 1% have a different life, living in extravagant areas far away from the less pleasant 99%.

The world is split in two parts, an often harsh part for the 99% and a mostly nice part for the 1%. We should make one world for all people in which all people are considered to have the same status.
Just wonder why there are many 99% in prison – especially in the USA – while hardly any 1% is arrested and imprisoned. We, the 99%, do things that are not allowed and can be arrested, the 1% do also things that are not allowed but they are protected by lawyers so the police cannot enter their world.

When we do not start to pressure the 1% to behave like a normal human, the difference between the two worlds continues to grow – at the cost of the life of the 99%.

But “the 1% are not the only target, also lower bosses can be pressured”, as I wrote in chapter 17 of my latest book, free to download via
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