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19. Greek elections, no real change possible without attacking and controlling the 1%



I am not very optimistic about the Greek elections.
Of course it is good that Syriza has won, of course there will be some improvement in the life of the Greek 99%. But it will be a restricted improvement when the cause of all misery, the presence of the 1%, is even hardly mentioned. The 1% decide without any elections how money is divided over the people.

The interest on Greek loans went up – and none of this interest will come in the hands of the 99%. That is only one of the consequences of the gains of Syriza. The 1% knows how to control their money, how to make sure that they do not lose anything, to make sure they continue their extravagant life even when the life of the rest of the population deteriorates.

Elections are not a revolution. The same rules continue to rule. Maybe some discriminatory laws will be changed but the basic rules in society remain untouched, the “right” of the 1% to get more than anyone else.
In the election propaganda hardly anything was said about the 1%. Syriza says there must come an end to the austerity, but austerity is only the consequence of the greed of the 1%. The cause of most misery, the presence of the 1% is not mentioned.

There can be no change when the 1% continue to remain the richest, most powerful and secretly deciding group in any country. Elections do not influence their existence. Maybe there will be some improvement for the Greek 99% but the cause of the misery does not change. The 1% continue to exist and still get the biggest profit from all what happens in society. Without attacking the 1% and taking their money and power away, real change is not possible.

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