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We must take the power and the money away from the 1%

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Joost van Steenis
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2. Actions against the IS or against the 1%?




The IS does terrible things but not much worse as what happens in other war zones. At least one million Iraqis died during the Iraq War, IS did not even exist. Western armies interfere and kill many more 99%. The 99% are killed and the 1% continue to earn money, they are never killed, they are not even touched. That we learned in the many years after World War II. Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq are only some examples how millions of 99% died because of actions of other 99% who were under the leadership of the 1% 

Why does the IS exist? Because it is not nice to live in those countries. The influence of the rich West is evident by the military presence but also by supporting not very friendly governments. The often miserable situation for most 99% in many Third World countries is not taken away by bombing the IS but only by chasing away the 1%.  Groups that want a world without a 1% have never been supported by the West, one of the reasons that Bin Laden became important and that Iran got an fundamentalist regime.

It is atrocious that many and many thousands of 99% are killed in war zones. But nothing is said about the nearly ten million kids that die each year before they are five years old in countries where the rich leadership is appreciated and supported by the Western 1%.
India is called a democracy but each year about two million kids die there by lack of food, water, medicine, schooling and transport. The Indian 1% does not use their money to improve that situation. The 99% continue to kill other 99% and the 1% remain leading, super-rich and untouched.

The propaganda machine is working at full speed. The IS should be the greatest danger in the world so we must fight them. Then again two parts of the 99% are fighting each other and do not have time to fight the ruling 1%. That occurs also in the Ukraine, one side is “our kind of people” while the other side is very bad so we send supplies and weapons only to the “good” side. But why should we support people who prevent that part of the population can use their own language. Revolts are logical consequences of bad situations. 

Why can the frontiers of countries not be changed, it happened often in the last centuries and recently it happened in the split-up of Yugoslavia.
Our countries in Western Europe are formed by a lot of violence during the last five centuries. In a great part of the rest of the world there was no struggle (they were colonies) and countries were formed by colonists.
We should withdraw from these countries and maybe only send them some technical help. Let them keep their oil and commodities for their own future. When they can independently develop they will not again make the mistakes we made in the world wars and the many economic-financial crises. In a century we get maybe a better world. In the meantime we can concentrate on removing the power and the money from the 1% in our countries. They are different and dangerous for our life. The 99% is also sometimes not very friendly but they are the same as we are, we are also not always very friendly. We should not attack other 99% but direct our energy on putting pressure on the extravagant position of the 1% who cause most of the misery in our world.

To replace their yacht of 50 million euro by a yacht of 100 million euro the 1% propose actions against other 99% we have to carry out. They do not do that to help other 99% but to control and exploit them.
We should only use actions that do not hinder or kill our kind of people, the 99%, and only influence the life and minds of the greatest and wealthiest power in the world, the 1%.

Joost van Steenis

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