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Developing the Fourth People's Power

Joost van Steenis
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21. The use of excessive money by the 1% should be a target to correct wrong decisions-takers



In 2014 the Dutch police took 136 million euro from common criminals. It is not much because the gains from criminal activities are much greater but it is a beginning.
But no money is taken from the 1% who use criminal activities and selfishly enrich themselves by taking decisions that benefit only their own already very thick wallets. Goods and services exclusively used by the 1% can become targets in the struggle for a Humane World without a 1% that is not dominated by money.

Corruption, very high salaries, unreasonable gains on the stock exchange, free and very high expenses common citizens never can get, free parties, free entrance to the best places in arts and sports events, etcetera. Free guards protecting the 1% against possible attacks of common citizens who do not agree with this inequality. The life of the 1% differs very much from the life of the 99% who cannot buy the excessive goods and services the 1% use.

Money is a key factor.
The Dutch police took some money from criminals because money is the reason for their criminal behaviour that hurts common citizens. But they do not take any money from the very rich who hurt much more the life of common citizens. That is quite normal in our society, The 1% rule by money.
Activists should stop crying out loud that something is wrong. They should attack the cause (the money) of the bad and selfish behaviour that hurts the life of the 99%. Money-related actions only damage the 1% and do not disturb the 99%. In the present actions only the 99% are damaged.

When the 1% know they cannot use their high incomes for goods and services that never can be acquired by common citizens their decisions will change. Then all people will benefit and not in the first place the 1% who are already privileged.

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