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We must take the power and the money away from the 1%

Developing the Fourth People's Power

Joost van Steenis
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6. More than 100.000 dead, millions of refugees and only attacking the IS and not the 1%




The civil war in Syria lasts already several years and killed more than 100.000 people. Millions of Syrians left the country and live in often very bad conditions. All these people belong to the 99% and they get hardly any support. The misery is obviously not impressive. But we know already that the rich West does not help poor people, each year nearly ten million kids die before they are five years old and that misery continuous also endlessly.

Suddenly a new argument came forward, the foundation of the Islamic State, the IS. The American 1% tries to rally the 99% by attacking one of the fundamentalists groups. But the 99% continue to die now also killed by Western airplanes they cannot resist. The Arab 1% just goes elsewhere with their money.

The suppression of the Sunnis by the Shiites (or vice versa) has been taken for granted by the Western 1%. The IS gives the Sunnis an idea of independence from the oppressing Shiites and a possible better future. Many Sunnis joined the struggle. Religious differences are for 1% an excellent argument to rally part of the own 99% against other parts of the 99% disregarding that most fights are between two different kinds of Muslim fundamentalists. But Christian fundamentalists have still a big influence on the policy of the rich countries.

Fighting only the IS is the old strategy of divide and rule. But only one thing is certain, many more 99% will be killed, wounded, arrested and tortured. The 1% are never killed but continue to get still more money.

That should change!
We should only pressure the 1%, take their money and power away, destroy the pyramid of power and money and create a new world without a 1% that is not build on money but on the human idea that all people have the same status.

I give some ideas about how to achieve that in Chapter 2, “How to make revolution. Then we get a world without a dominating 1%” of my latest book
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