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Joost van Steenis
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8. Ten million kids die each year before they are five years old while the 1% gets too much money




Many thousands die in wars, of course there should be no wars.
But why is there hardly attention for the nearly ten million kids that die each year before they are five years old? Or for the more than a billion people who hardly can eat enough to survive?
The 1% have no interest in dying kids nor in starving older people. They are secondary 99%, not necessary to spend too much money on them.

A UN Millennium strives in vain to halve the number of dying kids in the period from 2000 to 2015.But the number of billionaires and other rich people is still rising and the inequality increases. The financial and economic crisis was caused by the 1% to get more money and power, just as most wars are caused to get more power and money. What happens with common citizens is not important, problems of people in the lower part of the power and money pyramid are insignificant. The rich count, the 99% may only hope to get a better life.

Money is the driving force and not the life of common people. Religion is used to split the 99% and to prevent them to attack the 1% who make their life difficult.
The prime reason to start a war is simple, money. In our society you only get money when you have power. The 99% never declared any war, it is always caused by the activities of the 1% to get more money.

The 99% have no power and no money, they are dependent on the caprices of the 1%. In the rich West many 99% live comfortable but in most countries people have often a hard life. Each year nearly ten million kids die before they are five years old, in wars less children die – but that is also terrific. Leaders hardly do anything to solve the big problem, it only cost them money.. 

We should not be concerned about wars that gives the 1% still more money but about activities that make people more equal, that promotes the idea that all people have the same status. The ebola-crisis is not caused by wars or religion, but by lack of money and education for the 99%. The lack of food for the poor is also caused by lack of money that is affluent in higher circles. But the rich do not want change, they only want more money.

I give some ideas how to get a Humane World in my 50th chapter of my latest book: “Towards a world without a 1%. Discrimination, racism, crime, corruption, greed and much more misery will nearly disappear when there is no 1%”,
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