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We must take the power and the money away from the 1%


Developing the Fourth People's Power

Joost van Steenis
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9. The power of the 1% is selfish and terrible. Problems of the 99% cannot be solved because too much money streams to the top




There is not enough water and oil in the world.
A  billion people have hardly enough food to survive.
But the 1% still want more money.
The 1% possess already everything but they want more money to buy even more extravagant goods and to increase their power. Money and power are two sides of the same coin. They organise society for their own benefit to remain the leading group in the world,.

The last crisis, just as all past crises, intensified the stream of money to their pockets and worsened life of the 99%. The super-rich do not mind that a billion people nearly starve to death but organise wars to produce more weapons that give them more money.

Society is organised in such a way that the top group, the 1%, gets more money for more power, or more power for more money. The 99% are a kind of instruments to strengthen the privileged world and the paradigm that the world is ruled by money. People are inferior, money is first.

The idea that all people have the same status is of no influence on how and why decisions are made. The 99% work and die, the 1% live extravagant and privileged.

There are no actions at all against the 1% who mostly rule in secret. Political servants maybe attacked (but also seldom) but the 1% continue their privileged position when they are not put under pressure.

When the 1% remain on top of the world, hunger, poverty, wars, dictators, subordination and mistreatment of many 99% continue.
Let’s stop attacking other 99% and start directing our arrows at the 1%.
When their world and their privileged places are destroyed a world becomes possible without a 1% in which all people have the same status. Otherwise the present wretched world continues to exist and the life of the 99% remains secondary and often terrible.

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