Occupy the 1%!

  1. Occupy the 1%. New Facebook Group!

-- January 24 2012 --

Occupy the 1%. New Face book group!

Where are the actions against the 1%?
We are the 99%, thus logically there is a 1% that is different. That is the target, the only target that unites all 99%.

The 1% want to have as much money as they can to build an exclusive and extravagant world far away from the often harsh world of the 99%.

All decisions are taken to get still more money for this already privileged group. With that money they buy goods and services the 99% never can buy and go to exclusive places where the 99% are not allowed to come. When we disturb the idyllic world of the 1% and make it uninhabitable they have to descend to our world and we can talk with them on the same level. 

Occupy is more and more drawn in the political quagmire and tries to combat a multitude of issues that are advanced by politicians, the puppets of the 1%. By reacting on what other people do Occupy loses its initiative. To develop real power Occupy must concentrate on one point, the world of the highest bosses, the 1%. 

The new Facebook group Occupy the 1% shall be dedicated to the direct struggle against the 1%. What does it mean that we are the 99% and who are the 1%?
Occupy the 1% is about what we can do not about what others do, about actions that maximise pressure on the 1% and minimise damage to the 99%.

We will not discuss immediate issues, partial political demands, parliamentary politics, presidential elections, conspiracy theories or utopias.
We only discuss the diversity of tactics how to take the power (and the money) away from the 1%.

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Joost van Steenis (downwithelite@gmail.com)

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