Occupy the 1%!

  11. Resistance, not protest. Throw out the occupying 1%!

-- March 10 5 2012 --

Resistance, not protest. Throw out the occupying 1%! 

The Netherlands was occupied in World War II and protest was not possible. The resistance had the uniting goal to throw out the occupying Germans by a diversity of tactics, including the use of violence.
Occupy has also one goal, the ousting of the 1%.
Protest is a reaction on what the other side is doing, they have the initiative, we are defensive.Resistance is deeper, it concerns how society is organised - a powerful and exclusive 1% at the top of the pyramid and the dependent masses down under. We have the initiative, we are offensive.

are often based on the accumulation of the indignation of the 99% about injustice. They jump form one subject to another. The power of the people is spread and the results are in general meagre. Protests are mostly permitted by the authorities because the 1% knows beforehand that pressure will only be temporarily. Protests only strive to improve a little the present society.
is based on an analysis why society is as bad as it is. It attacks the basic reasons, the dominating role of money and the dominating role of the 1% who take all important decisions. Resistance concentrates it forces on one point so the chances of success are greater. It is a long-term policy that in the end strives to change society. 

Protesters think that leaders are reasonable people who can be persuaded to act in a different way. That politicians are dominated by money by taking decisions they do not understand. Politicians still hear the sounds from below, only they do not listen or better said, the sounds from the highest power in the country (the 1%) mostly silence the sounds from below. The 1% is living so far away from the 99% that they do not even hear what the 99% are saying. The crisis has again proven that decisions are in the first place favourable for the group of already privileged and comfortable living people. The 99% pay for the mistakes of the 1% and protests have not changed anything. Something else has to happen. We have to change the defensive way of protesting in an offensive way of resistance.

We must oust the 1% from their high positions otherwise we remain beggars who only humbly ask the rich to give a little bit of their wealth to the poor down under.

Joost van Steenis (downwithelite@gmail.com)

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