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  14. The War of the Flea (2) Together we have a lot of power

-- March 25 2012 --

The War of the Flea. (2) Together we have a lot of power.

A thousand flea-bites are worse than one bite of a tiger. A continuous stream of bites will bring anyone in an unbearable situation.

The method is to pressure the 1%, not to kill them. A dead 1% can not take decisions and will be replaced by someone else. Then we have again to start the process of increasing pressure. When the pressure becomes excruciating he will try to escape by taking decisions that benefit the 99% and not in the first place the 1%.  

Sun Tzu said in “The Art of War” “You can be sure of succeeding when you attack places which are undefended”. Jean Paul Marat said about the same: “Revolution will be a kind of guerrilla in which we can attack the enemy in all places where the army cannot be used. This means that we can deprive the enemy of all his advantages”.

A flea bites on unprotected places, on bare skin not covered by cloth. The 1% have many unprotected places where we can bite. The world of the 1% turns around power, money and an exclusive life. Therefore the 1% is connected by many threads to the world of the 99% where the exclusive goods and services for the 1% are produced. These threads can be disturbed because they can hardly be protected.  

Goods are produced in our world and have to be transported to the world of the 1%.
Special recreation places where the 99% are not allowed to come are supplied and maintained by the 99% and the 1% are cared for by servants that belong to the 99%. There are many weak points that can be undermined.
To exercise power the 1% needs contacts with family, friends and acquaintances from the 1% and with subordinates from the 99%. The more than one million American 1% are connected to each other by a gigantic web of vulnerable threads and also to the world down under where the 99% live, the goods are fabricated, the servants recruited.
We can disturb this web e.g. by interfering their electronic means of communication or by spreading rumours.

Without this web the 1% cannot use their power to amass money and wealth at the cost of the life of the 99%. By cutting the undefended threads a New Humane World becomes possible.

Sun Tzu knew already many centuries ago that when you look for the weak points, you win.

Joost van Steenis (downwithelite@gmail.com)

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