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  16. Romney or Obama? No difference

-- April 4 2012 --

Romney or Obama? No difference.

Nearly ten million kids die each year before they are five years old.
Why should an individual have the right to buy a house or a laptop of ten million dollar?
Daily Mail March 21 2012) “
The world’s most expensive laptop has been put up for sale – with an eye-watering £6.9 million price tag. Studded with thousands of diamonds, it is lined with the finest sable fur sourced from Russia”.
The greedy rich will tell you that they do nothing wrong, that they have the right to buy extravagancies – disregarding that they steal so much money that other people cannot have a decent life. That characterises people who can spend more than 200.000 euro in one year, people who belong to the 1%.

The mentality of the 1% is inhuman. Their reason of existence is to live outstandingly and to have even a more special life in the future. The 99% are inferior. Their mentality is build on money and on the greedy wish getting so much money they cannot even spend in a thousand life-times.
They do not want to listen so we have to apply the rule that he who will not be taught must suffer.  

Romney or Obama do not do anything to solve this fundamental problem. The one is more sympathetic than the other but the ten million kids cannot buy anything more with this sympathy, just as the sackings, foreclosures, imprisonments and much more misery continue to exist.
By trying to get attention from politicians, nothing will be accomplished.
The (greed of the) 1% is the central problem. The puppets in politics will not do anything against that.

It is the prime task of Occupy to combat the greed by preventing that the 1% can spend their money obtained by greed, corruption or criminal activities.

Joost van Steenis (downwithelite@gmail.com)

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