Occupy the 1%!

  19. Occupy should act and not react

-- April 25 2012 --

Occupy should act and not react.  

We should be offensive and not defensive. Offensive activities are connected with how beautiful the future is, what we can do to reach that different future. Most posts on Occupy Facebook groups concern what the other side does, complain and lament how awful the world is. The People know already that the world is not nice, that the greedy amass still more money, that the government makes more anti-99% laws, that the police are hitting protesters. There is no initiative, no pressure on who decides. We need new ideas to get a better world. But there are hardly discussions how to develop an offensive policy against decision-takers. Actions against the 1% are even non-existent.

The first actions of Occupy were offensive. Worldwide squares were occupied and the other side had to react. Then it turned defensive, waiting on a square till someone was doing something about it. You cannot dethrone the 1% by being defensive. The target is the 1% that takes most of the money. With unexpected actions we can make them uncertain. By a diversity of tactics we must decide when, where and how we take the money back, not dependent on what they do.

When a house is foreclosed and The People retake the house it looks an offensive action. But we have to barricade the house waiting when the other side tries to retake the house. The action becomes defensive. For propaganda it can be a nice action but it hardly puts pressure on the 1%. Trying to safe a foreclosed house is an reaction on what the other side does. The deeper cause of the foreclosure is not attacked. Bank directors foreclose houses. So put them under pressure, that is offensive.
Hackers and Anonymous have more initiative. They attack not yet the 1% but they are unpredictable. The other side hardly knows what to do against them.

Where are the actions of Occupy against greedy grabbers? Political groups have too much influence on Occupy. By attacking the 1% you place yourselves outside the system. Political groups restrict themselves to act within the existing laws. (We have freedom of expression! We are allowed to demonstrate! Camping is allowed according to the law!). The power of the 1% has to be attacked. We must transgress or evade the boundaries of the law. We must not be controlled by laws made by the people we attack. 

The slogan “We are the 99%” is beautiful because it unites all people except the 1% who are different. We have to find the best means to attack this target. With our own common sense and our own two hands. The 1% are motivated by money.  We have to use new tactics to creatively disturb the separated, extravagant and exclusive world of the 1%. When we have the initiative, we will win!

Joost van Steenis (downwithelite@gmail.com)

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