Occupy the 1%!

  2. The War of the Flea (1). Everyone against the 1%.

-- January 28 2012 --

Thousands bites of a flea are worse than one bite of a tiger. We are small but we are the 99% that is our strength. Our target is the 1%.
A demonstration is a legal protest, it brings the discomfort, the anger and the disgust of the masses in the open, it makes the 99% enthusiast and gives them energy. But it does not put much pressure on the 1%. Mass actions will not change the world.
The War of the Flea is a continuous stream of small actions. You decide how, when and where to be active. All actions should be directed at the 1%. Damage to the 99% must be minimised while pressure on the 1% must be maximised. Then the reign of the 1% comes to an end.

Why are the 1% greedy? Because their dominating goal is to have much more money than anyone else. And to spend lots of it. Money is their weak point. When we take this reason away, we change the world. 
The 1% live in a different world
, they go to places where the 99% are only allowed to enter as servants. They buy goods and services that never can be bought by 99%-ers. We can creatively disturb the secluded and privileged world of the 1% and make it uninhabitable. We can force the 1% to leave their eliteworld and descend to the world of the 99%. Then we can talk with each other on the same level.

Follow the money to find out where actions can been carried out. Many small actions of many small groups of 99%-ers disturb their world. Some will use sound that penetrates the house of the rich, others will use a rock, enter an expensive restaurant and taste the food, disturb quiet recreation places, spread rumours or use flyers in 1%-neighbourhoods to explain how the neighbours behave. The 99% will become creative and will have fun. Some actions will be carried out by leftists, others by rightists, some will be peaceful, others will be more violent. Everything is directed at the common goal, the 1%. When the world of the 1% is creatively disturbed the dominating role of money will be replaced by the idea that all humans have the same status. Then we get a Human World without greed, corruption or crime.  

New Facebook group Occupy the 1% only concerning to solve the contradiction between the 99% and the 1%.

Joost van Steenis (downwithelite@gmail.com)

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