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  20. Autonomous Clubs (1)

-- May 10 2012 --

Autonomous clubs (1) 

The 99% have hardly any influence on decisions that are taken by the 1% and their political puppets. Temporarily Autonomous Clubs of active, involved and interested citizens exerting pressure on decision-takers will change the power relations. They will become an independent Fourth Power next the three elitist powers of the Trias Politica.  

More than two hundred years ago the count of Montesquieu introduced the Trias Politica to solve conflicts within the elite. What happened to the 99% was not important. The masses remained powerless and are still virtually without power. Sometimes they were used as foot soldiers in wars between different parts of the privileged classes. In the Middle Ages defeated knights were invited to the banquet in which the end of the war was celebrated while at the same time foot soldiers were slaughtered. Without soldiers defeated knights were harmless. Towards hostile knights, people of their own kind, the nobility was chivalrous, people from lower classes were hardly seen as human. Not too long ago Western colonists considered people in the colonies also as inferior. The 1% still think they are superior. 

Before the introduction of democracy conflicts within the elite were solved by wars between warlords who used Machiavellian methods based for the greater part on tricks and deceit (and the necessary violence). These methods are still used in struggles between industrial and financial principalities. 

The Trias Politica separated the judicature, the executive and the legislature. Only some people in the executive power are elected but the 1% control all three power instruments. The 99% are powerless. Conflicts within the elite are mostly solved on a peaceful way. The Trias Politica only exist within the boundaries of a country, between countries Machiavellian methods (and a great amount of violence) are used. The influence of supranational organs is minimal. Western warmongers will never be prosecuted by the International Criminal Court for war crimes.  

The French Revolutionary Jean-Paul Marat (1743-1793),was the leader of the sans-culottes, the people without trousers, the poorest and most powerless people of Paris. He proposed the formation of Patriotic Clubs that should analyse and examine the deeds of leading people. The clubs must not be involved in the process of decision-making, they were not allowed to meddle in public affairs, to govern or to administrate. The ideas of Marat are directed against government officials. Who in his time had much influence on the economy. But time has changed. Governmental officials and politicians are now the servants of the 1% who dominate the military-industrial-financial complex. Though Bush and Bloomberg are examples that the 1% are still present in the executive to order servants in that sector to take decisions in favour of the 1%.   

“Patriotic Clubs will only pay attention to people in the civil services and unite the forces of the people in order to make up for the grievances of citizens. They will punish the agents of the authorities who are guilty, stop the continuation of their bad deeds and safeguard the well-being of the people ...... but we will never be a club that is involved in the process of making decisions. That should be a serious mistake: a free union of citizens is not allowed to meddle in public affairs, to govern or to administrate. That must be clear: a club has only the simple and pure right to make propositions, to give advice and to ask questions. But when the freedom and the safety of the people is attacked it is not only advisor but also agitator, censor, punisher and even killer ......”

“The only goal is the punishment of the perpetrators of crimes against public and individual freedom and safety. Therefore the clubs are not open for people who are attached to the Royal Court, for Queens' Commissioners, for members of leading academic clubs, for gentlemen of independent means, for captains of finance, for speculators on the bourse, for attorney-generals, for members of the Parisian military
police and for members of the town council. And one should be very careful to admit noblemen, members of the judicature or high army officers.....”  

Only the 99%, people without power, can belong to the Autonomous Clubs of Marat. A multitude of such clubs will form a new controlling Fourth Power next to the existing Trias Politica. The 1% may not have any influence on this new power. The three separated powers of Montesquieu increased the freedom of the leading class, the new autonomous Fourth Power will increase the freedom of the common citizen in the New Humane World.  

Joost van Steenis (downwithelite@gmail.com)

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