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  21. Autonomous Clubs (2)

-- May 14 2012 --

Autonomous Clubs (2). 

The Trias Politica, the conflict solving method of De Montesquieu, is only useful for people with money. Good lawyers are expensive. De Montesquieu, a member of the French elite, invented democracy to solve problems in his circles and not to increase the possibilities of masspeople on a fairer world. The influence of citizens is minimal, life is to a great height determined by democratic laws but citizens lack the power and the money to use or change rules and laws.

The indirect voting system makes direct influence nearly impossible. The 99% are therefore hardly interested in politics, they are not allowed to think or act independently. All is controlled from the top. Only leaders in the executive power are elected, most people in other high positions are not-elected and influence of citizens on their decisions is very small. I do not like our democratic system, I am not a democrat.
The ideas of the sitting powers have however penetrated the minds of people and I am often asked if I want a dictatorship. People cannot imagine that there is something else possible than democracy or dictatorship. The pivotal point in all decisions in our democracy is money (and not people). I want a Humane World in which the pivotal point in decisions is the idea that all people have the same status.
This paradigm shift, this revolution, will give the 99% more to say about their own life and more personal freedom.

The growing number of rules and laws in our democracy restricts the freedom of citizens more than that of the elite. The rising level of education made the 99% more conscious of their inferior position. So regulation was needed to keep the masses under control.  To maintain its power and its privileged position, the elite has to restrict the freedom of the masses because otherwise it loses its special place in the world.

When someone looks for a new future he should distance himself from the democratic system. The central guiding point is the idea that humans must get more influence on their own life and on the general social development. Only then humans will really become freer.
I propose
the formation of temporary and alternating minorities of active, interested and involved citizens that are contrary to decisions taken by so-called democratic majorities of partly uninterested and often manipulated citizens.

The prime characteristic of democracy is that people are allowed to vote and that the elected decide. Democracy continues to exist even when the elected do a bad job, when difficulties are mounting and when the freedom of common citizens is more and more restricted.
Decision takers form an isolated group. Decisions are in the first place inspired by ideas that live in their environment, on ideas of their peers and not by ideas that live in the masses because they hardly know masspeople. Nobody from down under controls them or even punishes the 1%. That has to change, everyone has the right to interfere when decisions are not right.

Temporary alternating groups of independent and autonomous people who are interested and involved in the same subject can actively approach decision takers in their private environment in such a way that these decision takers will take the arguments of the 99% into account. These masspeople act on the time, the place and the how they choose and about the subjects and the leaders in which they are interested. Now citizens transfer their power to elected people. These elected people are immune for any influence from the masses, not in election time and certainly not after elections have been held.

In my book The Power of the Autonomous Human, theory and practice of attacks on persons” (free downloadable from my site “Down with any Elite” http://members.chello.nl/jsteenis I describe several actions and some (small) successes. People who have participated in those actions got more self-esteem because they knew they have become less dependent on the caprices of the people up there.

The action method I called first Political Stalking, then Small Violence and I settled for Creative Disturbance. (see Chapter 19 of the mentioned book). There are many original ways to make your wishes known but political parties are only obstacles on the way to more freedom. The media are important for conflicts inside the elite but in a conflict between elite and masses they side mostly with the elite because they are the servants of the 1%.
The Autonomous Clubs (the Patriotic Clubs of Jean-Paul Marat) must be temporary. They must never degenerate into political organisations because – as
Roberto Michels already remarked a hundred years ago – then they become institutions that obey the Iron Law of the Oligarchy, after some time an elite will control them.
When a goal is reached Clubs dissolve and former members return to their private life or join another Club to correct wrongdoings of other leaders. The dynamics of many active and unpredictable Clubs will in the end fundamentally chance society and a new Humane World will come into existence in which all people have the same status.

Joost van Steenis (downwithelite@gmail.com)

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