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  22. Who are the 1%? Power and legalised corruption

-- May 19 2012 --

Who are the 1%? Power and legalised corruption. 

How do the 1% exert power? It is said that they bribe people. It happens of course – punishable corruption though hardly anyone is punished. Most corruption is however legalised and exist of promises for higher jobs and thus more money in the future, paid jobs as advisor, invitations for parties and special meetings and many free perquisites and other privileges. 

Written laws and police control The People. In the upper layers of society there is no police and there are unwritten laws, as the rule that everything must be judged by the factor money, not by the well-being of the 99%. Common people who climb up as CEO’s, entrepreneurs or politicians have to accept the unwritten laws. They know that when you rise higher you get more money when you are obedient. Money is the dominating factor that rules the world, not the needs of common citizens.

In private enterprises ridiculous high salaries and bonuses are paid. For politicians it is often the life after the political career that is rewarded with big money, but also during the political career money can be amassed through paid jobs next to the political work. The British ex-prime minister Blair got once 250.000 dollar for a speech of half an hour. The Clintons got in one year about hundred million dollar by hiring someone to write some books. In the process of rising up candidates are rewarded with extras and favours as cheap loans, expensive offices, memberships of exclusive clubs, invitations to special parties, etc that alienate them from their origin in the 99% and prepare them and their children for the privileged world of the 1%. The very top of the power pyramid is the legislative power while lower echelons are the executive power. There we find also some real elitepeople as Roosevelt, the Kennedy’s, the Bushes or Rockefeller to keep in touch with the political puppets. But most politicians are only messengers who tell the 99% what the 1% wants. We shouldn’t want to shoot the messenger but should point our arrows at the principals, the 1% who take the big decisions, write the messages and pay the messengers. 

All high placed servants of the 1% know they get more money when they obey the laws laid down by the highest power in the country. It is legalised corruption, lavish payments for serving the very top. Lower bosses get rewards (they will never be workless) but there are hardly orders how to behave, there is no big plan. It is like the mafia, lower bosses do what they think is in accordance with the wish of top-leaders. Only in very special cases top-leaders use their power to interfere.

In the end the mentality and the way of life of the 1% decides. By disturbing that life they will become uncertain. They have never been pressured in their exclusive world that is far away from the world of the 99%. Only when the world of the 1% becomes uninhabitable changes become possible. That happens when they cannot spend more than 200.000 euro in one year. When the 1% has to live in the often harsh massworld all people will be regarded as having the same status.  

Joost van Steenis (downwithelite@gmail.com)

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