Occupy the 1%!

  23. We need a new kind of action

-- May 22 2012 --

We need a new kind of actions. 

Occupy started marvellous. Unexpectedly thousands of squares in the whole world were occupied and the target was clear, the greedy rich, the financial centres, the people who caused the crisis. There are still many actions in the political field but Occupy can only distinguish itself as a new force with an exclusive target (the 1%) that nobody has on its agenda.

Most actions are reactions on what happens in the political world, the NDAA, the lack of jobs, the sackings, the G8, the NATO, the rising poverty, the foreclosures, etc. Honourable targets but it does not activate all 99% and neither the political leaders nor the 1%, who continue to reap the fruits of the crisis, are much disturbed.
Actions are mostly reactions on what the other side does, not about how some people continue to benefit tremendously. The deeper causes of all misery are not attacked and the power and the money of the 1% is not under pressure. There is hardly any change. So why should the 99% join Occupy?

Appealing successes are lacking and the attractive and unifying target, the 1%, disappeared. On Occupy sites the words “the 1%” are hardly used anymore and most attention is directed on the puppets of the 1%, the politicians. Direct pressure on the 1% is hard to find. The new inspiring ideas of Occupy have withered away and despite the spring actions Occupy seems to stagnate.

Without successes the 99% will not participate in the struggle against the 1%. Some actions are still directed against corporations and banks, but the CEO’s and the bankers continue to live undisturbed their extravagant and privileged life.
Something new is needed!

The target, the place, the time and the how of the present actions are highly influenced by others somewhere up there. We should start new unpredictable actions against the 1% on the place, the time and the how we decide.
The simple target to take the power and the money away from the 1% will attract many 99%.

Joost van Steenis (downwithelite@gmail.com)

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