Occupy the 1%!

  24. Where are the successes of the Movement?

-- June 2 2012 --

Occupy needs successes.
All past movements thrived because of great ideas and remarkable successes. Without original actions there will be no success. Demonstrations and awareness actions are not sufficient to alleviate the plight of the 99%. The same people who take away our freedom remain on top. We need something new! 

The Women’s Liberation Movement achieved lasting successes improving the role of women in society (with the help of part of the 1%). But more is needed.
The Squatters Movement
had temporarily successes securing in The Netherlands tens of thousands of houses for common people. But the laws changed and it is now fairly difficult to squat though the need for cheap houses is still big. 
The Anti-Establishment Movement
had temporarily successes in the sixties (in Holland the Provo-Movement) but the authoritative leaders returned.
Trade Unions
had less successes and the wealth distribution has not been disturbed by their actions, the greedy rich have become still richer. The membership and the influence of trade-unions has gone down.  
Most of these successes have been achieved within the framework of the present society. There is still a 1% (with their puppets) who restrict the freedom of the 99% and reserve most money for the own group. The 1% prevent that the 99% get another society where all people have the same status.
In the present society more money for the Happy Few reigns all decisions.

Where are the successes of the Occupy Movement?
Occupy targets the Financial Powers, the 1%. Therefore all actions should comply with the simple rule that damage to the 99% is minimal and pressure on the 1% maximal. Most actions do not comply with this rule.

Occupy had some success in the beginning with the Occupations of thousands of squares world-wide.
The enthusiasm of the 99% rose fast. But actions against the 1% remained scarce and the 1% have hardly been put under pressure while they continue to restrict and disturb our life. We can restrict their life by disturbing their privileged and comfortable living situation.
When they feel the pressure of the 99% they will react and we will experience that as
successes that increase the enthusiasm of the 99%.

Joost van Steenis (downwithelite@gmail.com)

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