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  26. Disturbing the web of veins that feed the 1%

-- June 13 2012 --

Disturbing the web of veins that feed the 1%

The target is the 1%.
The 1% in the USA counts more than 1 million members who live in an exclusive eliteworld. Like the human heart this world is connected to the rest of the body by veins through which the blood streams that feeds the heart. When the blood cannot stream the heart stops ticking.

 The world of the 1% is by many veins connected to the world of the 99%. When supplies from the world of the 99% to the world of the 1% are disrupted, the eliteworld becomes uninhabitable.
The veins that feed the 1% are the weak points because they are so numerous that they cannot be protected.
The web of veins covers the whole world and it can fairly easy be disturbed by many small actions of Autonomous Clubs. Then the 1% cannot disturb us anymore. Without the web the 1% have to descend to our world and we get one world for all people.

To disturb the thin threads of a web you hardly need any violence. The 1% need food and many other things as transport, electronic means of communication, contacts with family, the 1%, servants and many other people, recreation places, materials to build and repair their property etc. Through the veins they control the world. Orders travel from the heart to the limbs and money flows back to the heart. The veins are maintained by the 99%. The 1% only make their hands dirty for counting their money.

Some crows’ feet on the roads to the city will disconnect the 1% from the rest of the world but there are many other ways to cut the roads. The damage to the 99% is minimal because they do not use these roads.
Demanding from the milkman (or another delivery service) to stop delivering goods to the house of a 1% will cause some damage to the milkman but he delivers so much more milk to the 99% that this damage is negligible. He will comply with the request to avoid pressure from the 99%.

hen exclusive places a certain 1% visits are time and again disturbed, he will be excluded from these places because other 1% do not want to be disturbed. Flyers make known who is the culprit and he will be isolated from the rest of his world by his own people.
Other veins transport power, water, gas, etc. to the house of the 1%,
recreation places have to be maintained, electronic communication must work. The world is so complicated that people cannot live separated from other people. When the veins are plugged up, the 1% cannot continue to live in their exclusive world. Then we get one world in which all people are considered to have the same status. Small creative actions of Autonomous Clubs against the veins of the 1% will be fun and agree with the basic demand that damage to the 99% must be minimised and pressure to the 1% maximised.

Joost van Steenis (downwithelite@gmail.com)

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