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  27. Spending 200,000 euro in one year should be the limit

-- June 21 2012 --

Spending 200.000 euro in one year should be the limit!

 The 99% can pressure the 1% by targeting their wallet. The 1% want to amass as much money as possible but when they cannot spend this surplus money on extravagancies their exclusive world crumbles, their reason to exist and the idea that they are superior to the 99% disappears. 

The 99% must produce the goods and services the 1% want. That each year nearly ten million kids die before they are five years old is uninteresting. Such arguments do not penetrate the minds of the 1% Just as slave-owners were not interested in the life of slaves, the 1% are hardly interested in the life of the 99%.  

Politicians will never impose an earning limit on the 1% because they are only puppets. In the USA politicians even oppose that millionaires pay as much taxes as common citizens. Because an earning limit is impossible, the 99% should impose a spending limit on the greedy rich who caused the crisis for their own benefit.   

The 1% live in a privileged exclusive eliteworld. They use and buy extravagant goods and services the 99% never can buy and come in exclusive places the 99% are not allowed to come. By creatively disturbing their world the 1% are forced to descend to the massworld. When we are on the same level the idea that the 1% are different and superior disappears. Actions also undermine corruption and crime. When you cannot spend your ill-made money why should you get more of the filthy lucre. 

The limit of 200,000 euro is a guideline to imagine what can be acquired by spending more then 200,000 euro in one year (inclusive paid expenses). There are many targets, golf clubs with an entry fee of more than 100,000 euro, restaurants where a dinner cost the wage of a working man, cars of over 200,000 euro, servants, watches of a million euro, ten private mansions that stand mostly empty, very expensive hotels, exclusive parties, recreation places, schools, medical care and clubs, private airplanes, part of the sex and the gambling industry, art objects that should be available for all people, VIP-places in stadiums and theatres, etc.  

By disturbing their world the 1% become uncertain because they are never disturbed in their life. Any individual or small group can become active on the place, the time, the how and against whom he chooses. The War of the Flea by Autonomous Clubs against the extravagancy of the 1% will time and again shock the 1% and will give activists a lot of pleasure because the 1% do not know how to defend themselves. The same person that in day-time makes the expensive car will in night-time punch holes in the tires or maybe remove a beautiful plant from the front lawn to replace it in a public park where all 99% can admire the flower.
The 1% have never been attacked in their golden and ivory towers. When it happens, it will change the world.

Joost van Steenis (downwithelite@gmail.com)

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