Occupy the 1%!

  3. Occupy is a Movement not an organisation

-- Februari 3 2012 --

Occupy is a Movement, not an organisation. 

A Movement is a vague concept, based on great ideas and narrow goals that unite all 99%. The Squatters Movement (getting houses for homeless people) and the Anti-Nuclear Movement (removing nuclear plants from the country) had limited goals inside the existing society. They had some successes but there was no pressure on the 1%. More fundamental are Resistance Movements in Wars with one goal, removing the enemy that occupies the country. Occupy is a step further, it is revolutionary because it wants to change the power structure in the country. It aims to take the power away from the greedy rich, the 1%. Basic ideas are: “Occupy the Financial Centres” and “We are the 99%”. Logically there must be a 1% that is different. That is the target, the only target that can unite all 99%.  

Movements have neither leaders nor members, only enthusiast supporters. Rules can never be implemented because there are no leaders, there is no structure. Everybody is free to explain the ideas of the Movement in their own way. Nobody can decide that all actions must be non-violent. There is room for the street fighters of the Black Bloc, supporters of the Tea Party or football hooligans.  When it is not possible to cooperate, do your own things without interfering with what other people are doing. Occupiers are individuals who carry out their own actions.  

Organisations have leaders, rules, members and possessions. Many things are regulated. It restricts the individual freedom of people who are not allowed to use their own creativity and initiative. The existence of the organisation is more important than the results that are achieved. While in Movements followers plan their own actions (down-top), in organisations leaders decide which actions will be carried out (top-down). 

Movements move. They must not become sitting ducks that are easy to hit as is in some way the case with the occupations of squares. Moving on the road towards a new, unknown future distinguishes Occupy from political organisations that try to make the present more acceptable. Occupy has no immediate issues, it is a Movement for the long haul to get a better Humane World. They should remain independent of any organisation. Organisations have special interests. Often they try to hijack Movements for their selfish goals, to integrate the Movement in their organisation.  

Everybody can use the name of the Movement. When you say you are Occupier, you are Occupy, nobody can expel you. Only discussions and actions can prove which ideas are best. Actions must contribute to the single goal, taking power and money away from the 1%, action targets must belong to the 1% and not to the 99%. The only rule is that actions must minimise damage to the 99% and maximise pressure on the 1%. Have trust in the masses and suddenly we enter a new kind of society in which all people have the same status.

Joost van Steenis (downwithelite@gmail.com)

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