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  33. The Fourth People's Power

-- August 22 2012 --

The Fourth People’s Power 

“The Flea bites, hops and bites again, nimbly avoiding the foot that would crush him. He does not seek to kill his enemy at a blow but to bleed him and feed on him, to plague and bedevil him, to keep him from resting and destroy his nerve and morale………… All this requires time. Still more is needed to breed more flees. What starts as a local infection must become an epidemic, as one by one the areas of resistance link up, like spreading ink spots on a blotter”. (Robert Taber, The War of the Flea) 

In this struggle the 99% have small successes when a 1% confesses he sometimes cannot use his power. A long series of such small achievements undermines the power of the 1%. Together these small actions by Autonomous Clubs are like the War of the Flea. The 99% learn how to break the power monopoly of the Happy Few without too much damage to themselves, they learn how to combat any superiority of some people over other people. It is a crucial condition for the new Humane World in which not money dominates all decisions but the idea that all people have the same status, a world in which none is subordinate to others, a world in which common citizens have decisive power.  

In the new society the 99% know how to control leaders, how to block or veto wrong decisions, how to achieve that decisions not benefit in the first place the top of society but all people.
Temporary Autonomous Clubs, the power instrument of the people, have been already described by
Jean-Paul Marat in the French Revolution:
“Patriotic Clubs will unite the forces of the people in order to make up for the grievances of citizens. We will never be a club that is involved in the process of making decisions, a free union of citizens is not allowed to meddle in public affairs, to govern or to administrate. A club has only the simple and pure right to make propositions, to give advice and to ask questions. But when the freedom and the safety of the people is attacked it is not only advisor but also agitator, censor and punisher......”. 

In the end we get a society with autonomous, active, interested and involved people who use the new People’s Power when decision-takers take wrong decisions. Leaders govern and decide, The People control, veto and if necessary punish faulty leaders. The elitist Trias Politica, the Legislature, the Executive and the Judicature will be controlled by the Fourth People’s Power of Autonomous Clubs.
The Revolutionary dynamic guerrilla War of the Flea is the university that issues the diplomas to enter the new Humane Society.

Joost van Steenis (downwithelite@gmail.com)

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