Occupy the 1%!

  34. The 1% steal our money. What to do?

-- September 11 2012 --

The 1% steal our money. What to do?

1. Do nothing and remain a subordinated second-class citizen dependent on the caprices of the 1%.

2. Go to the police but they are controlled by the 1%.

3. Ask politicians to help but they are the puppets of the 1%.

4. Write to the media but they listen in the first place to the owners, the 1%.

5  Defend your money but actions against sackings, lower salaries, rising prices or foreclosures have not been very successful.

6. Demonstrate and protest but such actions have hardly caused any change (besides being routed by the police).

7. Take the money back by direct pressure on people who belong to the 1%. Prevent they can spend the stolen money when they cannot spend the money why should they steal it.  

Look for the deeper causes of most misery (amassing money by the 1%) and determine who are the culprits. When they become the target, there is a possibility for real change.

Joost van Steenis (downwithelite@gmail.com)

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