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  36. We must not react on them, they must react on us!

-- October 3 2012 --

We must not react on them, they must react on us 

People protest against a new law but the old laws they also protested against have been carried through.
Workers protest against sackings but their protest does not help the workers who have already become workless.
People protest against some foreclosures but still more people lose their home.
People protest against certain election candidates though they know that all elected are untrustworthy. Lying, cheating and filling the own pockets is just continuing.
There is hardly protest when the 1% continue to live in their exclusive world on money they stole from us. 

People are allowed to vent their anger and their dissatisfaction but leaders just go on.
When we see the results of protest actions it is not strange that protesters become disappointed and will not be active anymore in the future. Nothing seems to help. Crying out loud and participating in demonstrations is not sufficient. 

Moat actions are reactions on what the other side is doing. There is no initiative, no surprises and hardly any lasting success. Reacting is not enough, we must autonomously choose our targets.  

The Squatters Movement had a lot of success because empty houses were occupied and many people got a nice house. The governments had to react on unsuspected actions and many of the 99% sided with the Movement. It was not a protest but a direct attack on people who speculated with houses to earn a lot of money.

The start of Occupy the world-wide occupation of thousands of squares - forced the governments to react. The 99% sided with the Occupiers. But actions stagnated, sympathy disappeared, there were hardly outstanding successes and the squares were cleared. Occupiers resumed the old unsuccessful actions, protesting against what authorities are doing. Activists did not think of a new kind of actions that should force the authorities to react. Undisturbed decision-takers still take measures that are damaging The People and benefit the already privileged. The same bankers who caused the crisis are still ruling the financial world (and our wallet).  

Attack is the best defence but most actions are defensive against a new law, against sackings, against foreclosures. Authorities are not forced to answer our questions. They know that most protest will die out in a few weeks and their position remains unchallenged. Actions should intrude in the exclusive world of the 1%, just as the 1% invade our private life. Then they have to react and we can force real change.  

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Joost van Steenis (downwithelite@gmail.com)

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