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  38. Revolution of Evolution

-- November 2 2012 --

Revolution or evolution?

Only revolution can bring real change, evolution merely heals some of the wounds caused by the present organisation of society.

12 million kids died In 1990 before they were five years old. In 2010 still 7.5 million kids died. The UN Millennium goals aim to reduce this number in 2015 to 4 million but that will not be achieved – also thanks to the crisis. Without help 300 million kids should have died in this 25 years. The UN saved 100 million kids, but still 200 million kids died. And the dying continues after 2015. The present society based on greed of the privileged cannot solve the problem of the unnecessary death of hundreds of millions kids. Jean-Paul Marat said already about the use of violence by revolutionaries: “Violence by The People is legitimate, it remains always far inferior to the sum of all injustices by the despots over the centuries”. 

The any dying 99% are unacceptable. It is among other things caused by the believe that evolution will improve the world. But not for the hundreds of millions of dying kids, not for the billions that live in misery.
Maybe evolution will bring some partial improvements (till the next crisis) but development is too slow. The present society cannot solve big problems. To wipe out all misery we need a revolution, another society build on the idea that all people have the same status.

A revolutionary change is a sudden change. Powerful forces accumulate and unexpectedly something happens nobody could foresee. The Fall of the Berlin Wall, the Financial Crisis or the Russian revolution are examples. Humans can cause a revolution by increasing pressure on society. Not by demanding small improvements but by undermining the forces that keep this wretched society together for their own benefit. The 1% decide first in favour of the own well-being. At the bottom billions live like animals, each day looking for food and shelter to survive. When the extravagant life of the top is not disturbed society will proceed on the same way as before and millions of kids will continue to die each year unnecessary before they are five years old.  

Big world problems cannot be solved in a society were money is the prime factor in decisions. A paradigm shift is needed that replaces the pivotal role of money by the idea that all people have the same status. When we achieve that change, a new 1% will never rise up again. Seemingly insoluble problems will be solved. Thomas S. Kuhn said in his book “The Structure of Scientific Revolutions”. “During revolutions scientists see new and different things when looking with familiar instruments at places they looked before”. René Thom described the same jump in the development of humanity in his mathematical Catastrophe Theory. Revolutions bring unexpected solutions to seemingly insolvable problems. We have the task to make revolution and new solutions possible.  

The power pyramid can be destroyed by undermining the power of the 1%. In actions the damage to the 99% must me minimised and the pressure on the 1% maximised. The first part of this idea says that we see each other as having the same status, the second that there is a group that is different that has to be called to order.
When we increase the pressure on the 1%
 it will suddenly reach the point that the pyramid collapses. Just as a balloon suddenly explodes when you continue to fill it up with air. In the meantime we have learned that all people have the same status and the problem that people die unnecessary will be solved easily.

We can increase the pressure by Creatively Disturbing the life-style of the 1%. We cannot afford to restrict ourselves to actions that have been proven not to contribute to a real change. Humanity cannot permit itself to get change by small steps. It is too costly. Revolutionary change is necessary to destroy the separated, extravagant and privileged world of the 1%. I have already described a multitude of small revolutionary guerrilla-like actions in a War of the Flea against the weak points of the rulers in other articles, e.g. http://downwithelite.wordpress.com/2012/07/06/the-war-of-the-flea-attack-the-weak-points/

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