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  4. People take decisions not institutions

-- Februari 7 2012 --

People take decisions not institutions 

Discussions on Occupy Facebook-sites concentrate on politics, banks, the financial system, the role of money, the importance of gold, the existence of the FED, etc. These dead entities are only instruments by which the 1% exerts power. The 1% can use any instrument to control us and to make profit. When someone tries to beat you with a stick it is senseless to take the stick away when there are many sticks lying around. You have to attack directly the person who uses the stick that hurts you.
Institutions never take decisions. People do. People decide to repossess houses, sack workers, ask higher prices, wage wars, wreck our earth. Only a few people, the 1%.

The most important thing in the world are people, not institutions. The slogan “Occupy the Financial Centres” still pointed to institutions but people occupied the squares.
The second catch phase “We are the 99%” turned around people and not about political organisations or financial and industrial complexes. The logical conclusion of this slogan is that there is a 1% that is different.
Again we talk about people. The people of the 1% are our target. Not institutions, banks, gold, the police or the government.

It is ineffective to direct all energy on institutions that are defended by the police. The 1% are not pressured by actions against institutions, they do not show they do not like what happens. Only the 99% suffer. The guiding idea in all actions should be to minimise damage to the 99% and to maximise pressure on the 1%.

When people from the 1% become the central point in discussions and actions we do not have to know who these people exactly are. We must know why they behave amorally. They are greedy for their own benefit and want to have money, more money and still more money.
With that money they live in the exclusive and secluded eliteworld where people from the 99% are only allowed as servants.
We can prevent that they can build a still more beautiful world for the Happy Few with their ill-made money. To accomplish that we have to put pressure on their privileged private life in the exclusive eliteworld. When we care for it that they cannot live anymore in this eliteworld they have to come down to our world. The power pyramid will disintegrate and for the first time we can talk with each other on the same level as people with the same status.

New Facebook group “
Occupy the 1%” about solving the contradiction between the 99% and the 1%.

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