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  41. Lower bosses are easier to attack

-- December 1 2012 --

Lower bosses are easier to attack 

Putting pressure on  the 1% is for most 99% too difficult, they live too far away in gated campuses. Creatively disturbing the life of the Happy Few should first be tried out and learned by putting pressure on lower decision-takers who live nearer. 

The 1% do not take all decisions that influence our life. They have servants on lower levels of the power pyramid. It is just the mafia. Lower bosses take decisions in agreement with what they think favour the wishes and the interests of the top-bosses.  

Decisions of lower leaders influence the life and the interests of the 99% and not the life of the 1%. They are easier to approach, to pressure and to control. To reduce the pressure they will less listen to the orders from above. When the lower levels of the power pyramid are less obedient to the top, the whole power pyramid becomes unstable. 

The puppets of the 1% are now hardly put under pressure when they hurt the 99%. Bankers, sheriffs and higher police officers who evict people in foreclosures, directors and chiefs of personnel who sack workers or higher civil servants who take wrong decisions are mostly free from any pressure while they unnecessary and very negatively influence the private life and the freedom of common citizens.  

Activists will have a lot of fun by disturbing the life of lower leaders. Small victories make other 99% enthusiast and they will side with the attackers because also their life is disturbed by decisions taken by seemingly untouchable people who live nearby. It is a simple idea, they disturb us, letís return the gesture. In this way common citizens learn how to develop an own autonomous power.

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Joost van Steenis (downwithelite@gmail.com)

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