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  42. Can bosses cope with direct attacks?

-- December 12 2012 --

Can bosses cope with direct attacks? 

Top-bosses have hardly ever been attacked, they live too far from common citizens in secluded, safe, privileged and often gated neighbourhoods. They grow old in a quiet and extravagant environment. The sorrows of the 99% do not penetrate in their private mansions. Incidentally they have been attacked during revolutions but in general they have nothing to fear. Even a small disturbance of their life will have a big impact.  

Police-officers, soldiers, lower civil servants in the public or lower managers in the private sector who are in direct contact with the public are often abused and attacked. They are used to a certain amount of violence and sometimes even trained to cope with it. They are more difficult to pressure. But people in the highest echelons of our society have no practical experience with angry citizens. In their office they hear of the violence against their subordinates but they work and live quiet and undisturbed far from the harsh sides of society. 

The 1% and their puppets and servants are unprepared for what the masses can do. When the masses demonstrate, they send in the security forces and do not mind if people are hurt or killed. That will change when the arrows of the 99% fall in their backyard, when the 99% put direct pressure on bosses by stealthy intruding their private quarters. Confrontation with security forces should be avoided. The 99% should follow the advice from Jean-Paul Marat, one of the front men in the French Revolution: “We should attack the enemy in all places where the army cannot be used”.

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Joost van Steenis (downwithelite@gmail.com)

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