Occupy the 1%!

  43. We need a New Humane World!

-- December 28 2012 --

A Happy New Year and an even happier New Humane World! 

It will be an excellent New Year when we take the first step on the road towards a Humane World where decisions are inspired by the idea that all people have the same status, a decent life, decent housing, food, clothing, recreation, education, medical care etc.  

The present world is dominated by money. The rulers are only interested in dead money not in living humans. The 1% do not care that each year nearly ten million kids die unnecessary before they are five years old, that more than a billion people are always hungry, that billions are living in shanty-towns, working under inhuman circumstances making the goods for the rich.

In a Humane World all people have the power to prevent that a small group takes the lead for their own benefit. Elections, the right to assemble, protest and demonstrate have been proven to be insufficient as is the use of courts to control leaders as was promised ages ago by the Trias Politica.

The same people who make a mess of it control the people who make a mess of it. The 99% have no influence, no independent power. That must change, we should not try to get small improvements in the present wretched society but use our energy to get a People’s Power by intruding into the private life of selfish leaders. Lets start to take the power and the money away from  the 1%. 

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Joost van Steenis (downwithelite@gmail.com)

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