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  47. Legalised greed

-- January 23 2013 --

Legalised greed 

Ikea makes cheap furniture. The firm is well organised and makes a lot of profit, too much. In 2012 they sold for 27.6 billion euro. Profit – after perks, high salaries and bonuses for the top - was 3.2 billion, 11.5%. The interest on savings of common citizens went down to under 2%. Ikea is greedy, The prices are too high. Though their furniture is cheap, prices could easily be 10% lower when the profit was more decent and the perks and salaries for the top lower.

But it is not Ikea that makes a profit, it is not Ikea that is greedy.
The owners and top-directors are greedy. They should be the spear point in attacks. Not demonstrations in front of Ikea-branches that only hinder common people but in front of private houses of the top that are bought with our money – because the top asks too high prices for their products. The greed of the 1% is as legalised as most corruption. The money stream goes from the 99% towards the 1%.

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