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  55. Corruption is promoted by a Wall of Silence

-- March 10 2013 --

Corruption is promoted by a Wall of Silence 

Bradley Manning (Wikileaks) deserves a medal because he broke through the Wall of Silence that protects and promotes corruption.  

There is a wall of silence in the mafia. You do not talk about how money is obtained, omerta rules. 
Getting money is also in the rest of society the prime motive and how you do that is less important.

When employees know that something is rotten, when they know that laws are flouted, they keep silent. The punishment for talking is obvious. When you are too critical you lose your place in society, the chance to climb up in society and earn more money. Silence rules everywhere. 

The first rule is to keep silent about what your colleagues and bosses do. In public service you have to swear an oath that you should not disclose information that is classified as secret, even when laws are broken. The Wall of Silence is one of the causes of corruption. Money stands central and you do not get more by disclosing how the law is broken in your organisation.  

When money remains the pivotal point in all decisions corruption never will be solved. Only independent control and even punishing of faulty selfish leaders by common citizens restricts the influence of corruption on our society. To really wipe out corruption, we must change the fundamentals on which our society is built. Money as the central factor should be replaced by the idea that all people have the same status. Otherwise the 99% continue to pay the bill in the form of higher prices and higher taxes. 

When money rules, everybody is in a certain way corrupt mostly by being silent about the abuses of the higher-up. We should judge all decisions by considering if all people have the same status, not if they have more money.  

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