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  56. Decision-takers are often selfish and corrupt

-- March 13 2013 --

Decision-takers are often selfish and corrupt 

Monsanto produces genetically modified crops. The owners got many patents and licences to produce and sell these food stuffs that are often harmful for people. Who gave these permissions and licences? What is the role of money. Have Monsanto directors influenced decision-takers by money or promises for future high jobs? Are they corrupt? What about lobbyists who have the sole goal – at all costs – to care for it that decisions are taken in favour of Monsanto? 

Cannabis is prohibited in the USA. Why? Corruption can play a role so we look at the money stream. The prison system in the USA is partly privatised. Owners want to get as much prisoners as possible. They will oppose free selling of cannabis because many prisoners are convicted of drugs-related offences. The production of cannabis is in the hands of criminals who earn huge amounts of money. Billions of drug dollars enter the American banking system. Bankers and prison-owners are both in favour of a prohibition and will use all their means – including corrupting decision-takers with direct of future benefits – to keep cannabis prohibited.  

The same can be told about Japan where the government is reinstating  nuclear power after having closed it down after Fukushima. Why? Corruption? Taking decisions in favour of the money? Etceteras, etceteras. 

Follow the money and you often understand why decisions are taken.
On a lower echelon many people take wrong decisions that harm The People and benefit people higher-up and their own wallet. Perks, future high-paid jobs, free holidays, cars and houses, parties, entrance to exclusive clubs etc. Corruption has many faces.
Determine why and how decisions are taken. Private gains often play a prominent role in decisions.

Therefore I propose to put direct pressure on people who take wrong decisions obviously for their own benefit. We need independent Autonomous Clubs that control, veto and even punish selfish leaders who hurt the freedom and well-being of The People.  

See my blog article “Autonomous Clubs“ http://downwithelite.wordpress.com/autonomous-clubs/

Joost van Steenis (downwithelite@gmail.com)

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