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  58. The War of the Flea, do something different

-- March 22 2013 --

The War of the Flea, do something different 

There are many posts in FB-groups and on Twitter. Most of them are complaining and crying out, saying there is a problem. Most posts are about what the other side is doing. Then it stops. Start to think and talk about what we can do! 

Of course there are still some actions but none promises real change. Some demonstrations but nobody listens.
Some petitions but the signatures are thrown away.
Some people ask something from politicians but the puppets listen in the first place to the higher bosses.
Some commune activities to alleviate the worst damage caused to the life of the 99% by the greedy 1% - but it is an activity that should have been done by the state as in the case of Occupy Sandy. 

It are actions from the past century that did not have much success. In the meantime the state apparatus refined its methods to control The People.
In this way the subordination and the misery of the 99% will continue for ever. 

No wonder that The Movement is stumbling. There are not enough positive results. People become disappointed and withdraw in their own circle to make the best of it.
It is high time to use other means, a War of the Flea against the 1% and their lackeys. Because even with the most modern means that try to eradicate them fleas cannot be controlled.  

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Joost van Steenis (downwithelite@gmail.com)

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