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  Lobbying is big and unpunished corruption

-- April 9 2013 --

Lobbying is big and unpunished corruption 

Just wonder why laws exist that exclusively favour the pharmaceutical or the oil industry. That corruption is involved is plausible. Lobbying is institutionalised corruption, trading power, influence and money (see also my blog article http://downwithelite.wordpress.com/2013/03/17/corruption-trading-power-and-influence/ ). 

Lobbyists are corrupt because they use all means including money to influence decisions. Direct money but also perks that cannot be provided by other parties as entrance to exclusive clubs and parties or the promise of well-paid jobs after decision-takers ended their public career. The expensive sex-industry is partly paid by lobbyists.  

Lobbyists defend their shady trade by saying that they only want to inform but why do you need offices near the administrative centres of governments. You could easily send the information by electronic means and then ask for a meeting with decision-takers.

There are many lobbyists in Brussels, the centre of the European Union, to draw politicians and higher civil servants in their net. Casual meetings take place in very agreeable circumstances and the costs are paid by the lobbyists. Decision-takers have to chance to secure future financial benefit. Both sides play the game of corruption, nobody will ever be punished and the benefits are big.

The decision-making process is decayed in exchange for a reward or an expectation of a reward (see http://www.corruptie.org/en/corruption/what-is-corruption). Decision-makers are pressed to take decisions that favour the money providing group. This kind of motivation guided by money should never influence decisions, should never be part of the decision-taking process.  

The offices of the lobbyists should be closed and the contacts of politicians and higher civil servants should be restricted to a few meetings in their office that are also open for common citizens. Now decision-takers predominantly talk with lobbyists who are hired to change decisions, no matter how much it will cost.  

Lobbying is one of the means by which the 1% transfer money that belongs to the 99% to their wallets. The ultimate goal of corruption is getting more money for the already privileged.

Juridical nor political powers undertake anything against these corrupt lobbyists. To stop this corruption WE shall have to stop it by putting direct pressure on lobbyists.

Joost van Steenis (downwithelite@gmail.com)

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