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  63. Terrorists? The 1% should be on top of the list!

-- April 23 2013 --

Terrorists? The 1% should be on top of the list! 

The tragic Boston incident was again a wrong example of an action. Only the 99% were damaged while the pressure on the 1% was minimal. The 1% use such actions to accuse all activist from terrorism to restrict more and more any resistance against the 1%.
We should change the contents of the word by being proud of being terrorists, just as the rebellious Dutch in the 16th century were proud to be called geuzen (beggars) and also the French sans-culottes (the revolutionaries) in the 18th century.  

The word terrorist originated in the French Revolution when the state violently suppressed dissenters. Jean-Paul Marat said already: “Violence by The People is legitimate, it remains always far inferior to the sum of all injustices by the despots over the centuries”.
A terrorist was in the past a freedom fighter, revolutionary, rebel, insurgent, avant-garde, activist, mutineer, radical, dissenter, insurrectionary, ultra-modern, ahead-of-his-time, rioter, dissident, nonconformist, guerrilla or even maverick, eccentric, oddball, individualist or free spirit.
Accusing common citizens of terrorism is used to criminalise protests and to arbitrarily arrest unruly people.   

We should be proud to be called terrorists, it clearly separates us from the real terrorists, the 1% and their lackeys, who use a lot of violence to keep their power to get more than anyone else. In the meantime they kill everywhere on the world common citizens. Sometimes with weapons but also on economic ways. Each year nearly ten million kids die before they are five years old but the 1% will first overfill their pockets before they think of these people.  

Do not side with the 1% in crying out loud about some bombings. Of course it is terrible but in the end the world created by the 1% for their benefit has also created the possibility that such acts as in Boston will occur. It will only stop when we have taken away the power and the money from the 1%.

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Joost van Steenis (downwithelite@gmail.com)

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