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  64. Corruption is wide-spread and nobody does anything!

-- May 1 2013 --

Corruption is wide-spread and nobody does anything!

Hundreds of billions are redirected to the top by corruption. Public or private money is used to force decision-takers to favour the money-giving party. When the lower placed people do not obey they do not get future lucrative jobs and the extravagant top-world remains closed.
All corruption money is paid by the people down under in the form of higher taxes and higher prices. This upward money stream only grows while nobody takes any action. 

Decision- makers talk often with top-people but hardly ever with the 99% because money is the most important reason for making decisions. The interest of The People is secondary. When we do not block this money stream, nothing will change and the top becomes more and more selfish, wealthy and greedy.

Money is the prime motive to take decisions in our money infested society and bribing is the logic consequence. But do not underestimate the money that is involved in free perks. Residing in five-star hotels, free entrance to exclusive golf and other clubs, free eating and drinking in expensive restaurants, free parties, sky boxes or exclusive holidays  etc. And of course there is the very expensive sex industry. It is called networking but it is part of the wide spread corruption. So much money is involved that without corruption austerity is not needed.   

Hardly anyone is prosecuted, punished or imprisoned for corruption. Nothing changes because too many people in higher places are in some way corrupt or hope to get money by serving the interests of people with money. We cannot expect much from the juridical or parliamentary powers They are too much involved in the corruption process. We need extra-parliamentary and extra-juridical actions.

A lot is written about corruption but words do not change anything. Knowledge is not power when you do not have the independent means to convert knowledge in results. Knowledge is only power for the top that has already power, not for the 99% who have to pay the bill.

When bribes cannot be spend and perks cannot be consumed the reason to be corrupt withers away. We could start to make perk-places less agreeable, places where goods and services are used that are not available for the average 99%. That will disturb the now quiet life of corrupt people.  

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Joost van Steenis (downwithelite@gmail.com)

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