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  67. Guns and demonstrations, nobody listens

-- May 24 2013 --

Guns and demonstrations, nobody listens

There is not much difference between leftist and rightist activists. Both use demonstrations to cry out, only the subjects are slightly different.

If you want to keep your guns, your job or your house, the current kinds of actions do not contribute much in getting positive results for justified demands. It is complaining and crying out loud but then it stops. There are no new ideas what to do against the restriction of our freedom, against the misery that is caused by top-people.

Everyone knows that demonstrations do not help. The powerful decision-takers live in another world and they do not care about demonstrations – or many other kinds of actions. They are not disturbed in their private life when a few thousand or even half a million people are in the streets.

FB-messages are often about what powerful people do, but hardly about what we can do to break the power of the greedy, mighty owners of our country.

Activists seem to be brain-washed by self-appointed leaders. There is no room for a different kind of action, there is no own initiative, everything must fit in action programs that have hardly been successful in the past century.

You never get many people involved by using these out-lived actions. Without positive results the 99% become disappointed, withdraw to their own houses accepting they live in a bad society. In their own homes they try to make the best of it. Going out into the streets (and it does not matters if the subject is called rightist of leftist) is not the way to get change, to get a new Humane World.

See my blog article “Successful once, protestors may hesitate to return to the streets” http://downwithelite.wordpress.com/2013/04/02/successful-once-protestors-may-hesitate-to-return-to-the-streets/

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