Occupy the 1%!

  9. The 1% as focus-point for actions

-- February 28 2012 --

The 1% as focus-point for actions.
Without a clear target Movements are is crawling in the dark. Target are guidelines which actions could be carried out.
The target for the Squatters Movement was houses for the homeless.

The target for the Anti-Nuclear Movement was closing nuclear plants.
The target for the Resistance in the War was throwing out the foreign troops.
The target for the Women’s Liberation Movement was equal rights for women.
The target for the Arab Spring was Freedom.

Successes in actions around the focus-point enhance the self-esteem of The People and bring the goal of the Movement nearer.

Occupy needs also a clear target.
We are the 99% points logically towards the 1% as obvious target. The greedy rich are a well-known group that caused the crisis and still amasses more and more money. They live in expensive houses, go to exclusive clubs and restaurants, buy items and services the 99% never can buy, go to recreation places the 99% are not allowed to come etc. They live in a separated privileged world.
Actions against the 1% hardly influence the life of common citizens who live elsewhere. Actions determined by the focus-point must abide by the rule that damage to the 99% is minimised and pressure on the 1% maximised.  

Movements need clear targets and more or less vague goals.
Targets concentrate the power of The People on one point and does not spoil energy by attacking then this and then that point.
An attractive target unites many people. Increasing pressure on the 1% , the greedy rich, is For Occupy the only factor that can unite all 99%.

A target is a focus-point for an action program. To fight against manipulated food from Monsanto is excellent but it is not an action point for Occupy – that could be the undermining of the positions of owners and directors of Monsanto (the 1%). To fight for more jobs is honourable but not for Occupy. Our task is to break the Financial Power, the 1% who sack instead of employ people.
A target inspires The People by connecting the present miserable situation with a bright future and giving them hope on a New Humane World.

Joost van Steenis (downwithelite@gmail.com)

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