We must take the power and the money away from the 1%



Developing the Fourth People's Power

Joost van Steenis
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  Chapter 1

How to make revolution and why did past revolutions fail

Activists should develop an autonomous Fourth People's Power



Why is there no revolution?
Because we, activists, do something wrong.
Why were successful revolutions turned around?
Because we, activists, did something wrong.
Let’s do it better!
All revolutions have been bloody – the blood of the 99%.
The next revolution should only see blood – if any – of the 1%.

The 1% ruled in the past, rule in the present and continue to rule in the future when there is no fundamental change, when the 99% do not find ways to take the money and power away from the 1%. Revolution is taking the road towards a world without a 1%. Past revolutions did not change society fundamentally because a 1% continued to exist. Most actions aim to improve the present society and not to change it. But the 1% restrict more and more the life of the 99% while the privileged and extravagant eliteworld continues to expand. When actions do not try to dethrone the 1% it leads to nothing, the 99% remain inferior and subordinated. Revolution is taking the road towards a world without a 1%.

Revolutions sometimes seemed successful, sometimes failing miserable but damage to the 99% was always greater than damage to the 1%. After all revolutions a new 1% established themselves at the top of society and the 99% remained at the bottom of the power pyramid. Sometimes the situation of the 99% improved but the wealth and power remained unequally distributed. The next revolution must be different.

In the pre-revolutionary period new action methods should be used that pressure leading people. These action methods also can be used in the period after the revolution to prevent that a new 1% arise who again rule the country for their own benefit. Then society returns to the old situation with a Powerful Few at the top and the Powerless Many at the bottom. A Humane World does not have a 1%, it is based on active, involved and interested citizens who have the same status and who care for it that greed, corruption, big crime but also discrimination, hunger, wars, poverty and much more misery raise its ugly head.

The pre-revolutionary period will last some time. The mind of the 99% has to change, they must become self-conscious, aware that they have the power to defeat any suppressor. They must learn new action tactics to undermine power relations based on intruding the private living sphere of the 1%. All actions should comply with the Golden Rule for Actions, damage to the 99% should be minimal and pressure on the 1% ever increasing.

Four factors increase the chance on a revolution that opens hat the road to a Humane World without a 1%.
The first factor concerns the movement and activity of the 99%.
The second factor concerns the movement and behaviour of the 1%.
The third factor concerns the development of new ideas and paradigms.
The fourth factor concerns the use of new action methods to take the power and the money away from the1%.

Analysing past people’s uprisings with these factors explains why the French Revolution succeeded and why after this revolution a new 1% arose who again dominated society. New ideas and paradigms were discarded and the new greedy 1% was not anymore pressured. It shows why the Arab Spring is not a revolution but a revolt, leading at the most to small improvements for the 99% who remain inferior to the 1%. The 1% was during the revolt hardly pressured and great ideas for a new society were failing. It shows why all revolutions failed in getting a world without a 1%, a world in which all people have the same status. It shows that revolutions succeeded when the first three factors were intensified but failed in the aftermath because the fourth factor was neglected. That factor gives the 99% an independent power that prevents that a 1% ever arise again. In all revolutions damage to the 99% has been too severe because actions did not comply with the Golden Rule for Actions. 

An independent  Fourth People’s Power hardly existed during the French, Russian, Chinese, Cuban etc. revolutions. Any independent power of the 99% disappeared quickly after the revolution. Therefore a new 1% could arise. This Fourth People’s Power of small temporary Autonomous Clubs of interested, involved and active 99% should control, veto and eventually punish faulty leaders who violate the freedom, privacy and well-being of common citizens.

To get a Humane Society another way of thinking and acting is needed. The new paradigm that all people have the same status is a guide for the 99% to determine what kind of actions is needed. Actions that do not contribute to a revolutionary change should not be carried out. It is spilled energy and influences negatively the hope on a better future because it does not bring real improvement. Any action should undermine the power and money pyramid.


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